Truth tha Brainchild

Truth tha Brainchild

 San Diego, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Basically I'm rapper with an influence on lyricism, I like to follow the beat to create my flow, I speak the truth, you'll find stories from my past, triumphs & tribulations & I like to get down, i.e. bring the heat, metaphors are my weapon of choice and im not gonna stop until I reach tha top.



The musical journey officially began for Truth Tha Brainchild (aka Joshua Rowe) on April 11 2006. As his Grandfather Earnest Alonzo Stokes lay dying from kidney cancer, he pulled Truth close to
him and said "you got the last round". You see Earnest was an amazing vocalist who was on the cusp of greatness until cancer took his life, so "The Last Round" meant for Truth to finish the dream. Since that day his dedication was unquestionable. Writing lyrics and/or composing beats everyday since then. Music became his life.
Born on February 24 1986 at KMC hospital in Bakersfield, Ca to Andretta Stokes and Jeff Rowe,
Truth was constantly around music. He and his mother lived in a two bedroom house along with his
Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, his Uncle and baby sister Anisha. His Grandmother always had
records playing like James Brown, Maze, Marvin Gaye, and even Elvis. His uncle is who introduced
him to Hip Hop. In Truths words "My first rap song I fell in love with was Dj Quik "Tonight".
"My Grandfather caught me listening to it on a cassette single and immediately took it from me because it had to much cussing, he was Christian". So what did Truth do, he took his Uncles drum-set & laid that beat down, Truth taught himself to play that beat on the drums and rapped what he had memorized everyday". You see Truth was a Hip Hop head since day one.
As a kid Truth got good grades and was popular but often stayed to himself having trouble
fitting in. He was a great basketball player until a back injury deterred those dreams. He even got some scholarship offers. He had a tough time in high school when his grades began to dip and he battled severe depression. His family constantly moved making him switch schools often. Through it all Hip Hop was his saving grace. He had an up and down relationship with his father Jeff but they've since reconciled. When Truth turned 19 he began to rebel and his mom kicked him out. He stayed with
friends, one of whom had a home recording studio. He asked to try out recording a song and was
hooked. "Even though he felt it was garbage the seed had been planted, Truth knew what he wanted to do, he felt at home".
In 2006 after his Grandfather passed Truth tried to swallow a bottle of codeine pills to kill himself. His friend walked in on him and forced them out of his mouth. "I've battled depression all my life but when my paw paw died it all came to a head, I didn’t wanna live anymore".
At 21 he started Golden Empire Music (GEM) with fellow emcee Nemesis. He channeled his frustration with life, his depressing weaknesses, into great music. "Music is my therapy, my safe haven. I'm an out there type of dude so without it I probably would of killed myself by now no joke. I mean I was broke felt alone in the world, I cried many nights, it was rough". In Sept 2010 Truth released his first official album "Everything". Now he feels like "the last round" is something that can be won.

"True champions turn weaknesses into strengths"- Truth 2011


Sept 2011 "Everything"
April 2011 "The Cure Vol. I"
Summer 2012 "Power"