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TruuNorth is a hiphop/rnb group that blend rock and soul with pop melodies to create a uniquely dynamic sound.


TruuNorth Entertainment is an upcoming independent entertainment company poised to make an impact on the Canadian music scene. TruuNorth was founded in 2008 by Kern Carter, a university graduate, ambitious entrepreneur, and skilled songwriter. Upon graduation Kern knew immediately what he wanted to accomplish, and that was to create and distribute high quality music. He formulated his plan during his final year of university and put that plan immediately into action upon his return to Toronto. His first mission was to recruit artist/song writer Kerchel "Koice D" Carter, who is Kern's younger brother. Koice had been rapping and performing since he was a teenager, and Kern knew with the proper focus and guidance that he could become one of the premiere artists in Toronto. Koice's strong delivery, heavy toned voice, and his ability to flow in numerous styles makes his potential as an artist limitless. In addition to these individual skills, Koice is also a gifted song writer. His melodies immediately capture the listener and keeps them captivated throughout the song.
TruuNorth was born! Kern and Koice started writing songs at least 4 hours a day, EVERYDAY. They worked sporadically with different artists just so they could hear their songs on disc. This went on for months until in February of 2009, they were introduced to a singer named Marita McMillan. Marita was a choir based soul singer who had aspirations of becoming a star. Her strong voice is what initially made her attractive, but it was her unwavering work ethic that compelled Kern to sign her to TruuNorth. Since that first day in the studio, Marita was insistent that she be a part of TruuNorth. She went to all of the writing sessions, studio sessions, even if the songs weren't written for her. Her dedication paid off, and it was during these sessions that Kern and Koice learned that Marita could do more than sing soul songs. She had an ability to do hip hop and pop vocals as well. This was exciting for everyone as it only enhanced TruuNorth's ability to create unique music within their own camp. Marita was then given her stage name "Dion Faith" and TruuNorth had started a new chapter.
In June of 2009, TruuNorth officially launched to the pubic with a private listening party. The feedback was incredible as both Koice D and Dion Faith performed inside of a hotel suite to many applause and critical acclaim. From there, TruuNorth has been able to build a fan base of 400+ followers which allowed us to host our first PAID show only two months after launching. The speed and efficiency at which TruuNorth is moving can be attributed to three main factors: first, the organization and leadership of Kern Carter and the team of competent music and business minds he has surrounded himself with. Secondly, the hard work and dedication of Koice D and Dion Faith. Their ability to push themselves and to be pushed even further than they think they can go is a testament to how badly each of them want to be successful. The final and most important factor that will ultimately propel TruuNorth to the forefront of Canadian music is the PRODUCT. The quality of music that TruuNorth is able to create, especially with very limited resources, is nothing short of amazing. The writing tandem of Kern and Koice D blend perfectly together. Their eccentric melodies, their attention to lyrics, and their use of contrast all contribute to the sounds that evoke excitment and pleasure to the listener. The lead single from TruuNorth, SKITZO (uptop anthem), is a perfect example of how all of these variables come together cohesively.
TruuNorth is now ready to step to the front of the Canadian music scene!!


close your eyes

Written By: kern carter


Believe me when I tell you ill be working late/ believe me when I tell you that im on my way/ im coming home to you/ baby theres no need to stray/ been thinking about you girl/ cant wait to see your face


close your eyes/you don’t have to worry ill be by your side/told you I/aint nothing like those other guys/tell me what I got to do to make you/to make you realize/I love you/I love you


Believe me when I tell you im just with the guys/sipping henny puffing weed/trust me baby theres no need to lie/ ask me if I love you today/i know how you feel inside/ cuz my heart it feels the same


You don’t ever have to worry girl/cuz ill always be here/telling you theres no other girl/no one can compare


Close your eyes/you dont have to worry ill be by your side/told you I aint nothing like those other guys/tell me what i gotta do to make you/to make you realize/i love you/I love you/I love you


truunorth has three songs that have currently been played on radio stations and in the clubs:

Set List

6 song set
game dont stop
good side bad side
here i am