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"Tryezz - Solar Winds"

At best they can share their music with a smaller like-minded community. I heard about Tryezz from an online friend. I had no idea where my friend had heard about this guy, but the music on offer was very encouraging. The YouTube account also had a preview for Tryezz's latest album, Solar Winds. While I was only treated to 30-second samples of each track, I knew I had to track down a download link.

Alternate Blog Post: - The Yorker/Specs 'n' Headphones

"Interview: Tryezz - Atmospheres: Art of the Scenic Groove"

Interview can be read via link. - Headnods

"Poppin J en plein Seoul | YAK FILMS"

Poppin’j de la BWB en prestation dans les rues de Séoul sur un son de Tryezz Music derrière l’objectif de Yak Films. c’est tout chaud et c’est maintenant. - I Love this Dance

"Tryezz: Mental Grooves"

Born in Tennessee, Tryezz is not one to stick to a mold. Pulling influences from every sight, sound, and experience has lead to him creating his own unique and eclectic flavour that flows into everything he does. Check out his recent release Atmospheres: Art of the Scenic Groove to see what we mean.

For his Beatnik mix Tryezz has put together a lush spaced out collection of electro beats, dance and boom bap that get him into the right frame of mind. - Beatnik Online

"Making an Impact | Weekly Video #40 | 5 of DG’s Popping Favorites from YAKFILMS"

This week marks the 40th Making an Impact, Weekly Video, so I decided to share 5 of DG’s popping favorites from YAKFilms. The first video was just released and features Nelson Popping in a laundromat. Check it out… - Dancers Global


It’s time for a little bit of electro funk goodness. This classic 1986 tune has been given the dub mix treatment here, getting rid of the vocals but leaving the retro fun all well and truly intact. A beefier bassline, a smattering of extra percussion, and more focus on the synths has turned this 80’s gem into a nice slice of modern electronica and something that could act as a cool interlude in a DJ set or sit perfectly well amongst other brand new electro funk rockets. - Gashe

"ReMix: NiGHTS into dreams... 'New Jack Mantle'"

I just wouldn't have mentally paired up NiGHTS with rapping, or New Jack Swing for that matter, but WOW does it ever work; lyrics avoid particularly specific tie-ins to the game, but flow perfectly, and the whole jam feels authentic & immediate in a way that's really unique among VGM arrangements. The basic groove is so damn good that it DOES get leaned on quite a bit, but it's just too sexy NOT to, plus there's more than enough structural & lyrical variation elsewhere; I especially like the fade/filter outro, which echoes the fresh, soaring synth solo from the middle of track. I'll confess to a general lack of expertise & exposure to both New Jack AND hip-hop/rappers w/ British accents, but I totally dig this on every level; some of the production elements remind me of A_Rival, others José the Bronx Rican, but the overall package is unique, fresh, and brings a ton of flavor to Lucid Dreaming; absolutely fantastic & devastatingly infectious. - ORC Remix

"Portformat Remix Contest"

500 fans have now voted for their favourite remix via Facebook and Soundcloud and have finally determined Dutch producer Pandaboy from the ‘Beats For Change’ collective as community winner of the remix contest. He receives a money prize, a compilation feature and a remix from Portformat! Tryezz has been nominated jury winner and will also be featured on one of the forthcoming TDR compilations. All other finalists win free music packages from TDR. Thank you to all participants once again – we’re seriously blown away by the high quality of so many of the remixes! All of the top remixes are still available for free download below, so feel free to share! - Tokyo Dawn Records

"Synths and Funk: Spend the Summer in a Video Game"

The thing that astounds me most whenever I listen to Tryezz is the fact that he isn’t already king of the electro-chill-funk music world, if such a space exists. Masterfully combining Sonic-esque arcade beats over a foundation of the smoothest electronic melodies one can lay down, Jonathan Fowlkes delivers on every album, EP and song. Tryezz is an artist that transcends multiple genres of electronica, usually treading in a pool of funk-jazz or chill-dance, both of which are categories I may have just made up. While in this specific post I will be presenting his latest, Atmospheres: Art of the Scenic Groove, a vibrant summer album, my real intention is to deliver Tryezz as a whole, as an experience that even you non-electro fans are bound to get addicted to. - Indie Music Machine

"Tryezz – “Timelapse” (Song Review)"

Sometimes a good, old-fashioned jam session is all you need to unwind yourself from the tired 3:30 song format. You won’t have to look much farther for a fix since Tryezz has you covered with “Timelapse” The six-plus minute romp is deeply entrenched in the funk. Throwback synths, pads, a dope bassline and pulsating kick drums take little time to get you fully in the groove. Give it a go and you’ll learn soon enough. - The Smoking Section


Self Releases:
Atmospheres: Art of the Scenic Groove: 2013
Odyssey: 2012
Solar Winds: 2011
Dreamstates and Area Codes: 2010
The Electric Chill (EP): 2010
The Don't Trip EP: 2009
Sonic's Poppin' Groove: 2009

Label Releases:
Release: Night Driven/Label: Soulection - 2012
Release: Amezakura/Label: SWAMP Records (Japan) - 2009

Works has been featured on:
-OC ReMix
-Tokyo Dawn Records



***Always a Student***:
Tryezz is an artist that creates both audio and visual works. Not one to stick to a mold, he pulls from every sight, sound, and experience for influence, blending it with his personality. This open approach and versatility has lead to him creating his own "unique and eclectic" flavor that flows into everything he does, making his work refreshing and vibrant. Tryezz is always learning. He is a life long student. In his own words, "There is always something to learn."

Where it all began:
It all started back in the year 1985, the year Tryezz was born. He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From a young very age, it became quite apparent that he was going to be a creative soul. At 4 years old, he started playing the keyboard. His first keyboard was a partially broken, hand-me-down Casio SK-1. Even though it was in such bad condition, it was good enough to get the job done. He was fascinated with the sounds it could produce. This fascination would spark the beginning of his musical pursuits. He started out by simple melodies that he'd heard off of various cartoons and TV shows. From then on, he started to develop an understanding for music and sound. At 7 years old, Tryezz was introduced to the world of the visual arts through various class projects he participated in while in elementary school. It was at this point that he started drawing heavily. Much like music, he became highly fascinated with it. By the next school year, he was drawing everything he could. This would become the beginning of his pursuits with the visual arts.