Ken 'Tryfe' Pryor

Ken 'Tryfe' Pryor


Tryfe is one of the hottest Producers in the Northwest! He has produced tracks and remixes for great artist such as Common, LL Cool J, and E-Dawg.


Impossible is nothing. According to Tryfe this is the very thing that guarantees his succession from the depths of Seattle's remnant hip-hop music scene.

Born junior to the accomplished Chicago bassists, Kenny Pryor, Sr.; Tryfe has always had an ear for music. First trying his hand at both the bass and drums, it wasn't until he began rapping that he would realize his gift for productioh.

Some of Tryfe's early production has been praised with radio play, mixtape buzz and even a placement among Seattle's yearly top 10 regional releases. None the less, Tryfe's production can be found on several regional 'Sound Sessions' (Kashmere Recordings/Jasiri Management), J.Loc aka 'Anonymous' sophmore release 'My City, My Life' and 151's second helpng 'Power & Princes'. Though none of these productions mean more to him than his famed Knockout Kings series.

Writing, producing and directing the 'Knockout Kings' project gave Tryfe seasoning and prepared him for the task to come. Aside from several remixes, including one for Common and John Mayer's 'Go', Tryfe's focus is on coming into his own with his artist Fame Rill and his independent debut album 'Walk of Fame'. With a keen hustler's skill and sheer determination, any break in the clouds will be room enough for this star to take off.


Production of the following projects:
Sarah English 'Select Poetry'
Common 'Be'
Anonimous (aka Tha Loc) 'My Life, My City'
151 'Power & Priviledge'
E-Dawg 'Contradictive'
Aluzjun 'Sophmore Release'
Choklate 'Sound Sessions Vol.1'
Quality 'Death is Dying'
Slum Village 'Detroit Deli'
Lloyd Banks 'The Hunger for More'
LL Cool J 'DEFinition'
Lil' Scrappy 'King of Crunk and BME Recordings Present: Lil Scrappy & Trillville'
Tre'dmarks Music Group 'Tre'marks Radio Vol. 1 (mixtape)'
Fed's Finest 'The Knockout Kings Vol.1'
GBH 'Special'