A mix of sophisticated songwriting and high energy jams led by driving guitar and saxophone solos and backed by a heavy rhythm section. Rock, funk and jazz elements blend to create a powerful sound that gets people's feet moving. Tryptonic creates an atmosphere that will leave you breathless.


When Tryptonic first got together in Portland in 2003, Dave, Will and Wilzy were old friends from Pueblo, Colorado. Their first summer found them in Portland with Jared and Reid for a six-week experiment. They lived together, worked together, and jammed all night, every night. In a seedy studio in Portland's industrial district, the group bonded among some of the weirdest characters imaginable. A drunken landlord with his toothless wife, angry death metal neighbors, and tweaked-out visitors provided the inspiration for one of Tryptonic's first group songs: Crazy Dave. Late nights full of alcohol-induced jams proved to the group that they had something special, a communal spark, if you will. As their sound developed they moved from free-form jams to more structured songs that led to refined and climactic jams. After various hiatius' and shifting locales, Tryptonic got together permanently in 2006. Although the dank practice room has transformed into a comfortable basement studio, Tryptonic's music is still progressing, growing into a unique sound. They have incorporated new styles, blending techno and deep funk and hard rock together. Their songs have become tighter, without losing that freedom they began with. As their popularity has grown, their gigs have become more high-profile, including a recent headlining show at Berbati's Pan.

Set List

Let Go
Hair of the Dog
Gargoyle Head
Down the Line
Northern Lights
Halfway to Midnight
Sea Dees
Crazy Dave
Riding High
Something in the Air
Burning in the Sun
She Get So Lonely

Covers include: Hard to Handle, Teardrop, A-Go-Go, Where Its At, Piggy, Little Wing, Hey Hey What Can I Do, Space Oddity, Another Brick In the Wall pt.2, Talkshow Host, Diner, Sultans of Swing, Cissy Strut (and many more).