Trystette is singer songwriter Carrie Beehan recording with New Yorks legendary T.M.Stevens on bass & vox (Pretenders, Joe Cocker). She writes original, sensual and rocking melodic songs with extraordinary collisions of pop, electronic, rock, soul, fractured break-beats, and a touch of cabaret.


Biography _Trystette, singer Carrie Beehan, from the 1990s Berlin electronic duo Tryst (BMG/Universal) and the front woman of former early 90's satirical Berlin band Cadillac Crooning, wraps up in 2006 her new album Deepest Part of My Soul with the legendary bassist-producer TM Stevens (Shocka Zooloo, James Brown, Pretenders, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel, Tina Turner).
Trystette singer Carrie Beehan departed from Berlin’s Chamaeleon Variete stage in the late 1990s lauded as “an exceptional artist whose high-class talent as singer and performer made it a joy for us to engage her”. Featured on MTV and international radio with her first electronic Cocteaux Twins flavored album "Tryst" , she has recently entered the East Village creative epicenter via New York’s HOWL festival presenting original, sensual and rocking melodic songs with extraordinary collisions of pop, electronic, soul, fractured break-beats and cabaret.
T.M. Stevens’ skill and proficiency as a bassist, producer, vocalist and sideman is legendary. His ferocious yet melodic style of bass — a special brand of rock, funk and manic soul — is as unique as his larger-than-life onstage persona. Whether accompanying one of the many world-class performers in his resume, or fronting his own progressive metal-funk rock band Shocka Zooloo, his is a musical force to be reckoned with.
Trystette’s recordings include contributions from T.M.Stevens, drums Howard Alper (Radical Thought Resistance; Cory Glover). Veteran guitarist Gerry Eastman - played with New York notables like The Count Basie Orchestra, Frank Foster and Stanley Turrentine. Piano/keyboard Mfergu and guest artists Phaeder (Lotus Beat, United One records, Berlin), guitarist Michael Barnes (Shocka Zooloo) and guitarist John Cabánt (Art Neville, Bo Diddley). Coproduction/mixes by Robert L. Smith, a seasoned engineer from New York’s Power Station & Hit Factory. Productions include David Bowie’s “Black Tie White Noise”, Rickie Lee Jones’ “It’s Like This”,& Chaka Khan’s “You & I”
Press re ist album "Tryst/Tryst" (BMG/Universal): Applauded by the press for her “unique vocal and lyrical approach to the break beat dance genre” and ’’coolly dramatic voice” NZ Herald, Russell Baillie. “Head and shoulders above the post-Portishead flood of soulful girl singer bands”, Pavement Magazine,” Goldie meets Enya and soulful Nicollette”, TIP Magazine, Berlin. __..



Official Launch October 11th 2006

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