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Trytone is a hip-hop/R&B cover band consisting of live musicians playing classics from the 90s and today using instruments and no karaoke backup track. Groove-masters Trytone transform the flat experience of listening to music to a sweat-dripping, heart-thumping concert of all your favorite artists


The current lineup of Trytone was molded together in October of 2006. Trytone's musicians have been trained and have performed in the spectrum of music from classical to blues to jazz to rock to funk. If it has a note, it's been touched by at least one member of the group which adds to the diversity and dynamic to Trytone's performance. The idea of a live band is not new, but the concept of performing covers of hip-hop and R&B is almost unheard of making this group a rare breed of great unexpected potential.


Dr. Dre and 2Pac- California Love
Black Eyed Peas- Let's Get It Started
Jay-Z and Linkin Park- Encore

Set List

Songs :
Warren G & The Dove Shack- "Summer time in the LBC"
Montell Jordan- "This is how we do it"
Notorious Big- "Juicy"
Ludacris- "Roll out"
Snoop- "Who Am I (What's My Name)"
Snoop ft. Pharrel- "Beautiful"
Talib Kwali- "Get by"
Snoop Dogg , Nate dogg, Warren G …- "Aint no Fun (if the homies can’t have none)"
Beyonce & Jay-z- "Crazy in love"
50cent- "In da Club"
Missy Elliot ft. Ludacris- "Minute Man"
Kanye West- "All falls Down"
Dr. Dre ft. Tupac- "California Love"
Aaliyah- "Are you that somebody"
Notorious Big- "One more chance"
112- "Peaches and Cream"
Ashanti- "Foolish"
Lauryn Hill- "Doo Wop (That thing)"
Sean Paul- "Get Busy"
Puff, Mase, Biggie- "Mo money mo Problems"
Dr. Dre ft. Eminem- "Forgot about Dre"
Notorious B.I.G- "Hypnotize"
Jay-Z ft. Linkin Park- "Encore"
Black Eyed Peas- "Lets get is Started"
Snoop ft. Dr. Dre- "Nothing But a G-thang"
Ice Cube- "You Know How We Do It"
Nelly- "Ride Wit Me"