Tsar Bomba

Tsar Bomba


5 High Fusion Power Rockers out to have a good time and rock out in any venue. Known for their energetic stages how and stiff upper lip rocking


In the spring of 2006, the stars aligned and the fates intervened in order to bring together the band known as Tsar Bomba. From the mountains of Transylvania came Andrei Dezsi a Romanian vocalist with the voice of a lion. From the slums of Bedford came a street urchin named Tolson �Canadian� Winters who picked up drumming as a way to escape the harsh streets of his youth. Born on the shores of Kearney Lake, Brad Roach was raised by wolves until the industrialization of the area killed off his adopted pack and forced him to fend for himself. He carved his first bass out of a pine tree and has been rocking it ever since. Dave Huebert was a quiet private school lad until discovering the gift of rock. He was thrown out of his pseudo-fascist home after refusing to give up the guitar and traveled the land seeking others like himself. Together these four created Tsar Bomba! (enter rock �n roll onomatopoeia here)�But something was missing. And the band felt empty inside until they met the illegitmate child of Bruce Springsteen. Hiding incognito under the name of Ross Higgins, his powerslide gave him away and he was forced to join the band as a guitarist. Championing the genre of Ultra High Fusion High Voltage Power Rock, Tsar Bomba is influenced by the famous musicians of yore such as Led Zeppelin, G&R, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, King Crimson and all others who cherish the power of rock. After their highly anticipated debut show at Gus�s Pub in January, Tsar Bomba has been thrown many a panty and won many a heart at bars such as the King�s Campus Wardroom and Reflections. The sound of Tsar Bomba is unique, ranging from the fast and frantic Fight or Flight, to the profound anthem of Hollow Man. Not to mention the epic tale of the House of the Rising Dead, a song so glorious that it has rekindled Viking fervor in northern Europe. Currently the band is scheduled for Tribeca among other venues, but should the need arise to rock for justice it can be expected that Tsar Bomba will rise to the challenge.


2007 Recipe For Rock

Set List

Rock and Roll Tonight
Fuck Citizen Cops
Cover (simple man, Knocking on heavens door, Wasted Years)
Wake and Bake Blues
House of the Rising Dead

Tsar Bomba
The Warrior
The Doc Gave me Drugs
Cover (Rocking in the Free World, Rock n Roll, Paranoid)
Hollow Man
House of the Rising Dead pt 2.