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Marion, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE | AFTRA

Marion, North Carolina, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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TSC @ Radio

Columbus, Georgia, United States

Columbus, Georgia, United States

TSC @ Radio

Columbus, Georgia, United States

Columbus, Georgia, United States

TSC @ Radio

North Augusta, South Carolina, United States

North Augusta, South Carolina, United States



"TSC Now Playing On Foxie 105 Columbus Ga"

TSC Now Playing On Foxie 105 Columbus Ga

20th in the Augusta & NC,SC,& Ga Market
Also in top 200th in the Country on BDS & Mediabase Tracked Stations - Foxie 105

"TSC Now Playing On Hot 100.1"

TSC Now Playing On IHearts Hot 100.1 Columbus Ga

20th in the Augusta & NC,SC,& Ga Market
Also in top 200th in the Country on BDS & Mediabase Tracked Stations - DJ Stone

"Now Playing On The Wiz 97.9"

Now Playing on The WiiZ 97.9 SC & GA

20th in the Augusta & NC,SC,& Ga Market

Also in top 200th in the Country on BDS & Mediabase Tracked Stations - Bobby Nichols

"PREMIERE: TSC (The Soul Child) Releases New Single “Hotel”"

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PREMIERE: TSC (The Soul Child) Releases New Single “Hotel”
RJ Frometa May 25, 2017 Exclusive Material, News Leave a comment 126 Views

Keeping up with the awesome premieres, we got TSC (The Soul Child) who’s back with sexy new single “Hotel.” The song is filled with this great progressive rhythms and beats that reminds you to Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

TSC has worked with many hip hop notables such as Paul Wall, Roscoe Dash, 2 Chainz and more, and he’s been affiliated with A-listers like Future, Jay Z and Drake.
This song is a perfect turn up track for your weekend night festivities. Combining party rap lyrics and autotune vocals, this song embraces current trends in the hip hop world with a twist, making the music all his own. His next album, Sorry For Your Misfortune, is set to release August 4, 2019 - VENT Magazine


Hit the telly with TSC aka The Soul Child in his new single “Hotel” a trap-inspired banger that details the movie-like lifestyle of TSC. This autotune-driven single has a good balance of melody and raps that seems to be the formula for a hit in 2018 and with a quality instrumental and relevant subject matter, there is no reason “Hotel” can’t be a summer smash. Although TSC has a modernized approach on “Hotel” he cites the greats like 2pac and Biggie as his inspirations and his work as an entertainer goes back to 1984 in a Pepsi commercial dancing with Michael Jackson, and the rest is history. Check out “Hotel” below and look out for more hits from TSC coming soon.

Twitter: @OfficalTSC

Listen on Soundcloud
https://soundcloud.com/tsconlinesmgm/tsc-hotel - TGRMEDIA

"Interview With TSC @Officaltsc"

1.How long have you been in the rap game?
Been doing music since 1999 what musically for me probably 2014

2.Who are your major influences in your music?
I would definitely say Tupac ,Michael Jackson, Jodeci

3.What is your first single ?
Don’t she like

4.Who Do You have On Your Album?
Right now mainly just me and wanted to hold it down you know throughout the whole thing from hooks to versus because I don’t right everything’s basic coming from out of my head I was approached by Three 6 Mafia member Project Pat and he jumped on one of my songs called balance

5.How did you get into the rap game?
Always want to be entertaining from day one so was nothing to me just got into it everyday writing wrote about 16,000 Pages lyrics movie script and then it transcending over into music once I start getting Beats

6.Where were you born?
North Carolina

7.Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?
Andre 3000 ,Jay-Z ,Beyonce , pretty much everybody

8.Who do you think is the hottest rapper out?
I probably Drake and Jay Z

9. Who do you think is the hottest producer out?
Me It’s Da god, Dr. Dre, Metro Boomin, Amari from the group kollective

10.Who is your favorite artist?

11.How did you come up with your album title?
How I came up with the title of the album I just felt like sorry for your misfortune represents all those people who told you you couldn’t do it told you to give up since you never be successful and then you become whatever it is did you say I could be then they want to be a part of it but I’m sorry not today

12.What is your favorite song on your album?
It’s hard to say but I would say “Echo” is my favorite song

13.Which song on your album means the most too you?
I would definitely say “Echo”

14.Who are you signed with?
I am not sad I am independent

15.When is your album release date?
I’m thinking around Thanksgiving maybe a Christmas still trying to finalize the album got so many great songs just don’t know

16.What cities do you plan on touring?
Any City Anytime any town any place that I have me I’m open book me

17.What female rapper or artist do you think is the sexiest?
I mean I don’t know why I just maintain doing music man I don’t want to get into all of that

18.What would you like to see from the music industry over the next two years?
Just a dramatic change where even though we see things changing in the independent games the labels to have a stronger hold over money assets I think that there should be or they should be smarter and quit trying to do the old tricks these 360 deals these it’s not working people are getting smart as kids pick it up and they can live comfortably doing what you’re doing instead of lose it all in a stuff with me and my label I’ll give you the music back I don’t want your publishing That’s your long money they just forgot that this is music so let’s get back to the music

19.What is your second single gonna be?
Not sure leaning on faded thought it was going to be hotel but it’s not so many decisions so many songs I mean the list is growing right now they’re my playlist for the album 34 songs but overall it’s 50. I just got to work down the 40 still recording don’t know what its gonna to be

20. What are you doing to make money from your music right now ?
Right now I just been focusing on the album Past projects is doing well really haven’t put a lot of promotion in the none of them have been very well last album all black art did / 675,000 streams Spotify but just really taking my time so I can make a good album hoping that people like it if you like it by more than just want you to hear it try to give you something you can relate to on every song but I wanted to be a great album every time I think it’s done it’s not

21.Favorite drink in the club?

I don’t drink

22.Favorite industry magazine?

Probably XXL

23.Who got you started in the rap game?

24.How does your family feel about your music and your choice of career?
Very supportive I’ve been very successful and key things in this music industry

25.Top 5 rap albums of all time?
Tupac’s- All Eyez on Me, Bad -Michael Jackson, Jodeci – Forever My Lady ,Jodeci – Diary of a Mad Band ,Tupac’s- Makaveli 7-Day Theory

26.Favorite r and b group or solo artist?

27.Where do you see the rap game headed?
See myself being a top mogul in this industry changing the Outlook in the thinking process of these kids to come

28.How do you usually come up with your songs?
Usually just let the beat tell me no real thought process which makes it easy for me to create songs without writing

29.What can we expect from you in the future?
Multiple projects audio books ebooks Scripts movies but The Best Is Yet To Come From the label Come My label

30. How Can People Reach You?
I have a huge social media following lot of subscribers to my email database but mainly just getting out here Grassroots people from all walks of life my music is for everybody it’s called World music - dirtysouthradioonline


Still working on that hot first release.




TSC aka The Soul Child was chosen as one of the featured dancers in the 1984 Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson. A young child at the time, he was thrilled to have the opportunity. However, when his Mother realized he had to go to New York away from his tight knit family in North Carolina, she worried and the opportunity was missed. The experience catapulted young TSC to keep performing, write music and eventually Rap with a keen expressive twist and an underlying love for everything Michael Jackson. TSC’s music is a melting pot. His inspiration combines the knowledge and hustle of Hip- hop legends like Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z; creating unique adaptations of West meets East. He says, “They gave me the blueprint; I’m an inspired product of great rappers, Tupac and Kanye West. My hope is to carry the movement forward.”
TSC says, “The Soul Child acronym comes from my cousin. When I was growing up, it wasn’t smart to let people into your life that you didn’t really know and it was abnormal to let them back in if they did something that went against your values. It caused a lot of distrust, pain, agony and constant problems, but I persevered allowing people back into my life that on hindsight I shouldn’t have. When I first heard Tupac, that was a life- altering moment for me, his rhymes got me hooked on music, rapping and trying to make the world a better place.”

On February 14th (Valentine’s Day) TSC will release the first single, “Rise” from his debut compilation EP,
The song is a direct reaction to President Trump and his new administration’s handling of policy without reflection or understanding on how government works. TSC feels there’s an immediate need to stop and work toward regaining respect so that decorum can be restored throughout America and The World.
TSC is working hard toward building back faith to help #Make America Love Again. He hopes his song, “Rise” will aid in healing and help make Americans smile again without anxiety or uneasiness.
The full EP will be released August 26, 2019 It features 2 tracks from TSC’s bountiful books of music. The initial song, “Don’t She Like” from his unreleased SFYMF record is a moody anthem that reveals TSC’s versatile flow mixed underneath cloud-like verses
of love and light.
TSC says, I’m not trying to be the best, I’m trying to save lives. These are uncertain and trying times, I want people to understand that responsibility is part of being good and great and with that comes immense understanding, compassion and knowledge.
Martin Luther King Jr. said, “At times, life is hard, as hard as crucible steel. It has its bleak and painful moments. Like the ever-flowing water of a river, life has its moments of drought and its moments of flood. Like the ever-changin cycle of the seasons, life has the soothing warmth of the summers and the piercing chill of its winters. But through it all, God walks with us. Never forget that God is able to lift you from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hope, and transform dark and desolate valleys into sunlit paths of inner peace.”
To date, TSC has amassed a huge following via Instagram and Twitter with combined views over 45,000 and climbing!
Please go to SoundCloud.com to see his extensive body of work, listen to private tracks or view his exclusive artwork.
TSC’s new compilation EP features tracks from his albums including his recent single, “Balance feat Project Pat ” which is set for release July, 6 2019.
His new EP, Sorry For You’re Miss Fortune  (SFYMF ) will be released
August 26th, 2019 via iTunes.com & all Stream Platforms.
For more information on The Soul Child (TSC), please go to: Twitter:
https://www.instagram.com/tsconlinenow SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tsconlinesmgm

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