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Do you enjoy the rock n’ roll? These fellas from Moncton…called Tracy Starr can play it… hard. It features a couple of members from the ECMA winning band An Acoustic Sin, but that’s where the similarities end. This is a song Velvet Revolver could have recorded. I look forward seeing this band grow and expand… like my Chia Pet.

- James Cormier Big Dog 100.9fm

"TRACY STARR -album review-"

Are you looking for some fun music to get your head nodding while you're doing 80 in a 55 zone? Then stick the self-titled album from Tracy Starr in your car stereo and catch a large dose of grinding, drop D rock and roll that would make a stripper excited to be at work! The Steves (LeBlanc and Deyoung) have excellent guitar tone and work well together to create very tasty guitar riffs and hot solos. The production is clean and warm with a few effects mixed in for a nice texture. The album also features a tight, tight bottom. What this means to you is that it will kick your stereo's ass if you let it!

Tracy Starr writes one hook after another. In fact, individually all the tracks are extremely infectious.

Just when you think that the songs might blend together and all start to sound the same, the band switches gears with "401" and showcases some solid bluesy acoustic playing. "Make Believe" is another pleasant departure, both musically and lyrically, from the 'bump and grind' style that Tracy Starr does so well.

If you're looking for deeply meaningful thoughts or vague lyrics in need of your interpretation, Tracy Starr won't be your cup of tea. Though, there's a good chance they won't miss you either. Aside from "Make Believe," -- a heart-felt love song with a unique perspective -- with Tracy Starr, what you see is what you get. And what you get with Tracy Starr's debut album is a solid collection of good hooks and sweet solos.
- Curt Hauff, Staff writter for Hard Rock Haven -

"TRACY STARR -album review #2"

I really think that Tracy Starr is a cool band name for a Rock N' roll outfit like that and that catched my attention instantly! Also the fact that with names like Daniel Dupuis, Jason Arsenault,etc..I'm pretty sure these guys come from the Qc province in Canada, my province! Anyways, having said that, the huge groove of 'Yellow Rose' definitely hooked me up after the first note! THe high speed energy hard drivin' song 'Step it up' is very good! Strong groove and the vocals are another good thing in this band. Without being to most original band, I think that Tracy Starr definitely knows how to rock and every rocker should take a listen. 'Sticks and Stones' is another very good track that contain a very heavy groove that will stick to your head instantly. You can't listen to this song without headbanging a bit! The beautiful ballad 'Make Believe' got a very cool melodies and the leads make me thing about Guns N' Roses of even Seaze the Day from Avenged Sevenfold. Definitely for fans of Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses, Beautiful Creatures and the likes. Since they're from Canada , I really hope I'll be able to catch a show in Montreal cause those energetic track are made for live concert!!A+
- Patrick, staff writter for The Darkest Hours

"TRACY STARR -Times and Transcript Review"

For a long time, you heard the name in Moncton music circles, but the big question was, where were the goods? No shows, no CD? Would all the hype be warranted?
Well, the CD is finally here, available in stores now, and the good news is, this is a fun, rockin' disc. Tracy Starr — former Amazing Catfish members Steve DeYoung and Jason Arsenault and former An Acoustic Sin members Steve LeBlanc and Dan Dupuis — play hard rock in the vein of Beautiful Creatures, which is similar to Velvet Revolver, but with a bit more of an '80s metal feel. It's something that fits alongside Nickelback on the radio, but rocks harder. And while the Creatures are decent but get old really quickly (by this reviewer's ears, anyway), Tracy Starr mix styles up enough and add some blues influence, keeping things interesting.
It's got a snotty attitude, it's fun, it's very modern and there are enough pinch harmonics you'd swear Black Label Society frontman/Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde showed up.
First single "Ride" is a blistering rocker, "Backwoods Shuffle" is a southern rocker, "Long Haul Mission" is a funky little number and "401" is a cool guitar bit with nods to Zeppelin's "Black Mountain Side."
Not the most original sound in the world, but the members of Tracy Starr sound like they're having a blast and I suspect that would translate well live. The album is in stores now, and you can expect a CD release show sometime in the near future.

- Eric Lewis, Staff writter for The Times and Transcript

"TRACY STARR - album review #3"

Andy at Bent Penny Records kindly sent me the debut self-titled Tracy Starr album to listen to & review, & I must say I was blown away by the majority of it! They are a hard rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and were formed by Steve LeBlanc and Daniel Dupuis (former members of An Acoustic Sin). Their biography describes them perfectly by saying they are “a revival of gutsy, hard hitting, tongue-in-cheek rock and roll” and the music makes you want to “crank up the car stereo”. I think that they sound like a mixture of Buckcherry’s sleaze & (a more interesting) Velvet Revolver, but that’s just me.

The album hits you instantly with ‘Yellow Rose’, which is the band’s new single & is followed by the amazing ‘Ride’ (the first single from the album). I think that ‘Ride’ is definitely the best song on the album, with the rockin’ ‘Step Right Up’ coming in at a close second. Both tracks have choruses that stay stuck in your head & music that you want to play at full volume, either to rock out or dance to. Other tracks to recommend from the album are ‘Sticks and Stones’, ‘Stand Up’ & ‘Chemical Sunshine’ (awesome sounding guitar).

You can hear full tracks from this album on their MySpace page & you can also buy the album from, & their record label. - Soul Drift


TRACY STARR (Self Titled)
Featuring the first single "Ride"...Peaked at #65 on the BDS Rock Charts in Canada



TRACY STARR is a "Hard Rock" band, from Moncton , N-B. Canada, and is the brain child of Steve LeBlanc and Daniel Dupuis. Tracy Starr is best described as a revival of gutsy, hard hitting, tongue-in-cheek rock and roll

Steve LeBlanc and Daniel Dupuis are former members of East Coast Music Awards winners "An Acoustic Sin". In the days with An Acoustic Sin, Steve and Dan saw tours across Canada, top 10 charting singles and numerous t.v. appearances. Soon after parting way's with "An Acoustic Sin" in late 2002, Steve and Dan started work on a brand new project, one that would not only creatively satisfy them but also one that would let them write and perform music on there own terms. Their aim became to write songs that were solid, as Leblanc puts it, the kind that make you want to crank the car stereo. The pair took some time to write and demo some songs, before searching for two more brothers to complete the Tracy Starr family. The search was over when auditioning Stephen Deyoung and Jason Arsenault, formerly of The Amazing Catfish.

TRACY STARR is everything the band's name suggests and much more.
This is modern rock with a sense of danger and beauty that's been missing for far too long.
Their suitably explosive yet gorgeous self titled debut effort “TRACY STARR” marks the spot for a new beginning
from a band of rock & roll brothers united by some interesting pasts and a suddenly brighter future.

Bristling with the fire and passion of a genre seemingly forgotten in today’s age of disposable pop stars,
Moncton, New Brunswick’s Tracy Starr are set to turn the Hard Rock world on it’s ear. With their self-titled
debut album set to hit Canadian store shelves on July 31st 2008.

Tracy Starr’s debut album is stuffed with pure rock n’ roll goodness,
from the opening song “YELLOW ROSE” a relentless guitar storm with more hooks then a tackle box, followed by TRACY STARR’s first single “RIDE” a blistering assault on your rock senses, to the last
song “GONZALEZ” an epic track with twist and turns that leave you wanting more

Appropriately, their live shows leave nothing to be desired either; they are the release of pent-up artistic
intensity... as well as the realization of a dream...