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"In Vu: The Diary of a Reluctant Poet – Tsion The Wordsmith"

The Diary of a Reluctant Poet opens with D.C. based poet Tsion the Wordsmith spitting "My Introduction" to a live audience and applause as he launches into the Ego-Trippin- esque piece where he lyrically boasts:

"This is not a hobby…..that's why I strive to be better than the rest…Lest I reach my death for failing to be the best….For when I left heaven's throne…I was called a transcendent male..and the original one…the difference between me and the other…there is no surcharge to access my funds…I give away my lyrical currency for free…And you best believe there will never be a depletion of this goldmine"

The next piece, "The Question", tackles the raw issue of Black manhood in America where Tsion repeatedly asks are there any real black men left? He launches into the difficulties of living beneath the pressures of a society where brothers are often criminalized, discriminated against, and discredited.

Strings and spooky organ riffs open to the next piece, "Dream Prom Queen" Filled with dark undertones as it chronicles a tale of a dreamy young girl and innocence violated.

"Barely 16, but she bares the weight of every woman that has been raped on her shoulders…like this is her predetermined fate…embracing the silence of darkness…Left in the wake of his leaving…Clinging to the fact that she is still alive…is the one main reason why she hasn't taken a leap off the brink of insanity.."

Snares, guitar strings and synthy horns start us on the journey in "Ms. Valentine". A raw and erotic lyrical ride that takes a surprising and deadly twist:

"….You can call me dominatrix because you will be a slave to my rhythm and a slave to my track…a slave to my motion and a slave to my cat..."

On "Left to Right" Tsion waxes romantic to the slow, sensual tick of drums and barely there humming vocals, a complimentary backdrop to the drums. Gentle and passionate words with intensity and sincerity:

"If I could just borrow two of Cupid's arrows, I would shoot one through my heart, and the other through time so that I could love you until today became tomorrow and tomorrow became forever and forever became a distant memory in our minds…because baby I just want to love you"

She Is starts off with Tsion engaged in a conversation with a very persistent young lady demanding that he tell "them" who "she" is. This seems to be a tribute to Black women, catchy with New York poet, Kayo's, type of flavor and wit intermixed generously.

A funky intro takes us into a revolutionary type piece, "Slave No More" where a so called revolutionary questions the purpose of Tsion writing and accuses of him of not contributing to the cause. Tsion passionately replies in verse why he writes and declares himself a slave no more.

"…Freedom, freedom that is our cry! We should have been free a long time ago, for we were walking, when they first learned how to crawl, but the lack of knowledge will cause any nation to crumble…knowledge is more powerful than any weapon…it is better to be humble than to be proud…..I apologize to no one, I want to be liberated…never emancipated…for when it happened the first time we were never free…only programmed to think that in our minds…".

Next cut, "Her Story", brings us the story of a sister disillusioned with love, after patterning her love life after her own father. She finds herself heartbroken after an unhealthy relationship. In her desperate search for love she finds her salvation through God.

"My Revolution", in the vein of Gill Scott Heron is a spit fire epic where Tsion reveals the purpose of his revolution and parallels it to the life and struggle of Christ as a radical.

"There are too many lives at stake for me to patiently wait for the masses of people to catch up to my current place in this liberation movement…So when you see me on this stage spitting. Know that I'm not losing it…I'm doing this so your great grand kids won't have to go through this shit…"

Diary closes with "Shining Star" set over a smooth, melodic piano laced beat. On this love joint Tsion muses over crushes, lovemaking, and wedding vows while encouraging the object of his affection to shine baby shine.

In all, Diary hardly seems to be the work of a reluctant poet, but that of a gifted spoken word artist with room to grow. While the production was not slick Tsion spits with passion and sincerity. His pieces could be better enjoyed with more pauses, and a little less speed in his rhythm. Still it is this rhythm and dexterity that makes Tsion quite impressive.

My recommendation: Cop the Diary of a Reluctant Poet, and experience Tsion the Wordsmith for yourself.

For more information on the artist, Tsion the Wordsmith, visit: http://myspace.com/tsionthewordsmith.

- Legacy Leonard


The Diary of a Reluctant Poet - 2006



With a style that can only be described as the love child that would be born from the union of Notorious B.I.G. and Bishop T.D. Jakes, Tsion the Wordsmith (pronounced Zion) offers the world his own little form of spoken word. Perfectly blending hip-hop, soul, and poetry to create a style known as HipSoTry, Tsion is on the fast track to definite success as a spoken word artist.

Tsion the Wordsmith (pronounced Zion) has performed in countless concerts, slam competitions, school functions, and charity events sharing the stage with the likes of Jive Recording Artist Raheem DeVaughn, Internationally Known Spoken Word Artist Taalam Acey, Def Poetry Slam Champ Philly Lamar Hill, 2006 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champ Archie The Messenger, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and the critically acclaimed group J. Torae (J. Ivy and Tarrey Torae), just to name a few.

Bitten by the performance bug in 2000, Tsion hit the stage with a vengeance. While he was able to inspire others through his words, Tsion decided to take his talent further. In 2001, he developed and taught creative writing workshops such as Learning to Write from the Heart, Resurrection: Bringing Your Words to Life, and The Perfect Marriage: Spoken Word and Youth Based Programs, designed to improve all those who attended. He is a certified HIV/AIDS youth counselor who takes his responsibility towards his community as serious as he does his responsibility towards his own children. Tsion has appeared in numerous Public Service Announcements, which can be seen on several television stations throughout Maryland and heard on radio stations in 3 cities in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh. He has been a member of Conscious Poets, Trilogy (Quiet Storm and God), and Torchlight Entertainment, organizations focused on the art of spoken word.

Listen to one of Tsion's most requested pieces Left to Right and its evident his emotions influence his work. However, don’t label Tsion as a love poet, he will deny it to the end. After listening to him boastfully explain his talent in My Introduction or his quest to educate in My Revolution, it is clear that Tsion is a well-versed artist. It is his versatility that has caused Tsion's first full length CD entitled The Diary of a Reluctant Poet to be a hit with listeners across America. With all that he has accomplished one thing is evident, this man is not only a talented writer, but also an exceptional performer. He has consistently left his audience wanting more. Ask Tsion how to describe his work and he will tell you it's the mixing of witty lyrics with innovative concepts and heartfelt emotions. Tsion has mastered the art of saying what the listener is feeling. When his pen is placed on the paper, he merely writes the lines just as he heard them in your mind.

Performances: Complete performance resume available upon request