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"TS Leach, "Road of Bones""

TS Leach unleashes some honky-tonk rock in Road of Bones. Although the EP is only six songs in length, the short-but-sweet style gets his point across. A feeling of conflict fills each song as he conveys his sentiments of having served in the Navy and Persian Gulf War. As redundant as a monotone voice can be, Leach pulls off the daring feat smoothly. His voice sounds like a soulful, Southern mix between Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies) and a serious Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang). A little pain does not prevent rocking out, as in "Does It Matter Anyway" Marc Weibel (guitar) wails and puts forth that frustrated, cynical vibe with his twang. After a brief guitar howling solo, Leach comes back with "Howling in the hills, children's screams and shrills." He is able to weave heavy lyrics and deliver them lightly, which is intriguing.

- Sarah Moore - Owl Magazine

"TS Leach, "Road of Bones""

This CD opens up with some straight ahead dirty guitar, Charlie Watts matter-of-fact drumming, and a sung/spoken vocal by Leach. Ah, good old rock & roll. Road of
Bones, the latest release by singer/songwriter Leach, doesn't resort to screaming, shredding, and fancy effects (except some cool swirly 80s-themed synth touches now
and then) and instead sticks to story-telling lyrics, word pictures and solid musicianship. The Death of Love is a slower paced song, with a dreamy, sad electric guitar underscoring and answering Leach's simple vocal line. The vibe of this
song brings to mind elements of classic Pink Floyd merged with some Lou Reed.
Hard to imagine how that works? Somehow it does. Overall, this release is well done and the players know when to play and when to let the music breathe. Another
highlight is Stand and Fight which picks up the pace a bit and has more of an Americana vibe, highlighted by stellar guitar work by Marc Weibel and Tom Higgins.
The rhythmic and lead interplay between the two are excellent. Fans of the laid back singing style of Lou Reed and the guitar work of David Gilmour should seek this out.
Theres more to his music than that though, so visit TS Leachs website to hear for yourself.

Rating: B+
RIYL: Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty - ExMogulMusic.com


Debut EP CD "Road of Bones" released June 27, 2006
Available @ Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes
"Road of Bones" has had airplay on west coast radio, and "The Woods" was #17 ranked song by a published music critic in Prague this past summer.



After thirteen years in the US Navy; after starting a family, suffering a painful break up, and raising a son; after building a career in the San Francisco Bay Area; and now living in Boone, an eclectic artist enclave nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwestern North Carolina, TS Leach has developed into a songwriter with a very unconventional perspective on the world, and on the deepest secrets of the human condition.

The wildly divergent paths he has ventured onto and journeyed, his frequent and extensive travels and experiences internationally, both as a Navy officer, and later in his civilian life, have undeniably shaped him as an artist, as a songwriter, and as a human being.

TS is often described as being a living, and thriving, contradiction: a borderline anarchist who spent 13 years serving his country and government; a pacifist who owns and is quite proficient with firearms; an agnostic, borderline atheist, who has a broad and fairly deep knowledge of and respect for numerous world religions. The list could go on and on. It's not clear whether TS is naturally drawn to contradiction, or that contradiction seems to naturally find its way to him. Regardless, contradiction is a strong and common theme in his latest music, with a strong tendency to examine the darker aspects of contradiction in the people and the world around us.

TS’s debut EP Road of Bones is the logical and representative culmination of his life’s journey to date. The music on Road of Bones found voice when TS met and began a collaboration with Tom Higgins in the mountains of North Carolina. It is dark, it is haunting, but also offers a tinge of hope for the future. The intelligent and thoughtful lyrics of TS, set to fascinating melodic-harmonic construction composed by TS and Tom Higgins, with final instrumental arrangements by TS, pc muñoz and Mark Weibel, creatively and beautifully defy the norm.

The collection will lift you up off your feet with a number of its more rockin’ melodies. But as you grasp the lyrics, you'll ask yourself why you're dancing. A number of the songs are more cerebral, and rather bewitching in nature. These may cause you to feel an odd mix of peace, tranquility, and uneasiness, as if you’re experiencing a rather surreal, and less-than-positive dream. Bottom line, Road of Bones will invite you to feel emotions, and to think thoughts, for good or ill, and likely both.

Born in New York City and raised largely in northeastern Ohio just outside of Cleveland, music and writing has always been a thread weaving in and out of TS’s life. TS’s musical journey began when he started taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and continued while learning to play the guitar in the 7th grade, virtually on his own, and it was at this stage of his life that his interests in music turned towards composing his own melodies, and writing his own lyrics.