The Sonitus Revolution

The Sonitus Revolution


We Sound Like nothing you have heard of.


The Sonitus Revolution was formed out of the stagnant, stale flesh of Wantagh's music scene. Three musicians, J. Briggs(18), formerly of The Mudsharks, Chris Dimaio(17), and former drummer Adam Clark, have culminated their musical ideas to form the ultimate audio experience. Now with new drummer Lance Weisberg (18), formerly of TDO and Perfectly Chilled Cheesecake, blasting away on the drumkit, Sonitus isn't planning on slowing down any time soon.

Set List

Reverb Intro (1.00)
Borderline (2.00)
Pavement (6.00)
Clap On (3.00)
Violent Education (4.00)
A Match Made In Human (4.00)
Overactive Mind (3.00)
Sociopath (5.00)
Kate (2.00)
Into the Murk (2.00)

Touch Me, I'm Sick (Mudhoney, 3.00)
Anureysm (Nirvana, 3.00)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones, 3.00)