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Single titled "Front Seat Of The Cutty" is currently on the air in a few cities..



"T-storm", Birth name Troy Martin Jr. was born Nov. 12, 1989 in Minneapolis, Mn. Ever since birth, T-storm has been known to brighten up every room he walked into. With a star charm, he grew well with people very easily, and was very well liked in his city and state. Truly a talented young man he is. T-storm has been really into arts pretty much all throughout his adolescent years, ranging from Music ensembles, running his very own custom painted shoe business, to the actual art of rap. T-storms' musical journey started out with him battle rapping against others around town. Gaining plenty of respect from everyone who saw him in an actual battle, his name began to ring around town that he was a rapper. Never having lost a battle, he really realized how much of a knack he actually had for rapping. Shortly after, storm joined a group with four others, which fell out soon after its establishment. T-storm then became a solo artist, where he then built his own studio, spending timeless hours at the screen of the computer creating and editing and engineering his own music over industry beats. Often times being yelled at by his mother to turn the music down, his recording hours became quite limited, to when she was not home. Between time Storm was discovered by indie label 'Ant Records/319 Entertainment, where he began going to better quality studios with better quality sound, immediately working on his first album titled "Rap Or Die". It was kind of up and down with the label for the first few months. But the young artist had no time to think about it set backs. So him and two of his cousins formed the 3Kingz, which was never a group but just what the three called themselves. The three spent months of late night recording, sometimes 2 or 3 tracks a day. With storm's writing ability and delivery improving on nearly every record he made, he began to really find his passion in the music. The love really began to grow on him. Threw this long period of time, T-storm had also been performing at several different venues and sweet sixteen birthday parties around the city, getting known and getting his stage presence and ability to rock a crowd down pack. In between time, T-storm, his rapping mate K-top(R.I.P), and Ant Records began going at it hard again with the blessing of being able to have their own recording studio. Where his knack for the music became even more insane. "All the hours I've spent in there, I'd be d*mn if I don't make something out of it" said Storm. Feeling like a few songs were ready for the world, the crew began to hit the clubscene where T-storm's musis was often being played by some of he state's hottest Dj's. Soon after, Storm started to get more and more offers to perform at events and venues, which created a huge following for T-storm. With a lot of experience under his belt, his crazy, unique style, his music streaming on radio stations in a couple cities, peers always wanting to see him perform, people loving his music, and his family and friends backing his to the fullest, Storm feels like he's ready to take on the task of the major music industry. So the journey continues....