The Subtle Urge (T.S.U.) is dedicated to the overall mood / atmosphere conveyed at each performance. The instrumental trio uses dynamics to engage the listener and endulge the senses. From subtle and mellow to intense and heavy the vast range of their musicianship is sure to captivate any audience!


The Subtle Urge was formed in late 2004 at an impromptu jam session in Philadelphia, PA. This Regional Instrumental Rock-Fusion trio is comprised of Vahe Sarkissian (Guitar), Shant Sarkissian (Bass), and Joe Fitzgerald (Drums). The two brothers and their long time friend had each previously been involved in different musical projects with one another; however this was the first time that the three came together as one. The band immediately felt a connection unlike any other they had experienced before.

Since their debut performance in early 2005, T.S.U. continues to capture the attention of both loyal fans and newcomers at every show. The band’s overall dedication to mood and atmosphere is conveyed at each performance utilizing dynamics to engage the listener and indulge the senses. From subtle and mellow to intense and heavy the vast range of their musicianship is sure to captivate any audience. Through a combination of Armenian influenced hard rock grooves layered with progressive / experimental undertones, the band’s constantly evolving sound has spawned something that can only be described as pure, unique, original music…something rare in today’s overly plagiarized music scene.

Through hard work and determination T.S.U. has been able to build upon their loyal fan base by branching out from some of Philadelphia’s most prestigious venues to more distant clubs in a variety of North Eastern states. The band’s work ethic continues to pay off with every successful show and has even led to features in International Publications such as Guitar World Magazine (November ’06) and Progression Magazine (July ’09). Over the years The Subtle Urge has had the privilege of opening for several National Touring acts including The Roots, The Breakfast, and Telepath and in 2009 the band began taking the festival scene by storm. T.S.U. has received many accolades through their live performances in anticipation of their second album release, Unkempt, which is due out later this year as a follow up to their 2007 debut, Fallen On Deaf Ears. Music is finally experiencing a new sound that is sure to influence both musicians and fans alike.


Fallen on Deaf Ears

Set List

T.S.U. can perform various sets usually based on songs that segue into each other, providing a night of non stop music.
Various set lengths:
Club set: 45 minutes
Headliner set: up to 3 sets (50 minutes per set)
Opener set: 30 minutes

Original Songs:

A New Beginning
Everyday Villains
Idle (Speed)
Close The Lights
The Same Page
Tyson @ Large
At The Point
Seconds Count
Killing Time
Latin Juan