Queensland, AUS

Bringing colour and music into the world with their unique psychedelic soul.


Seamlessly converging psychedelic and soul genres, TSUN are a four-piece band from the Gold Coast who transcend the eras to deliver something truly magical to modern ears. The group formed in early 2012 and have headlined multiple shows in that short time, playing with the likes of POND, Kikagaku Moyo (JPN), Dreamtime, Govs, The Babe Rainbow, Jeremy Neale, Major Leagues and gathering a fan base of loyal listeners. By repackaging traditional psychedelic sounds into a contemporary format, TSUN have a unique way of taking their listeners on a journey through space and time. Their shows are nothing short of amazing, pulling out all sorts of visual surprises to keep their audience captivated from beginning to end. 


Marmalade 7"

Track 1-
Track 2-
Judgement Road