tt britches

tt britches

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tt britches is pure, real hip hop. Think of it as one part beastie boys, one part big L, and two parts whiskey.


TT Britches has been playing hip hop in the mid-south area for 3 years now after breaking loose of the Memphis based hip hop band, Radiotron. Influences are older, raw hip hop acts such as the Pharcyde, the D.O.C., and Kool G Rap.



Written By: keith west

with the zigzags and mags
i take a stab at your jabs
all my vatos in the grottos
slap the skins and drop gasps
it's far cry from the criminal conditions
you've been living in
but it's still the same block

one time i was blowing trees
and makin keys
my nathan's beef was getting sucked
like i was dom and matrixing
fu schricken chicken dinner
tossin squares and makin sinners
methadone biscuit buckets for all you mooch beginners
blast the pipe take flight and don't fright man
you're superhuman now
can i get a "that's right"?
chin check the tape deck
a bangin track is dustin
and i'm bout to score a dime sack

hoo ride in the cutlass
hit the castle
maybe we can shake a couple dollars
get ourselves some burgers lassos
jack roll the hyphy eagle
steal a regal
make time so we can reel to reel this fuckin evening
ceelo in the alley find a hippie shouting out at people doubting
got the vacum lungs making puffs of cloudy
and dyno blunts getting stunk in the trunk of a classy rowdy

rehearsing death so i can trace my steps and digest
a mass merchanditis slapper chunk fuck fest
a philly millie contradicting everything she's building
and don't forget the puma with the mantazuma
a dick ruler a mind schooler
take 5 and don't worry bout the wine coolers
just sit back and and grab your chest
and pretend that all this is just a fuckin test
make a joke and swallow down my requests
punani getting stressed like giuliani without his vest
standing in a bullseye in the middle of the wild west
do you think i like to get bent
on ragging other hippies ideas and misprints
a true killa of the minds pilla
i'll take a line of coke and pretend that i'm a cicada killa

sky looks grey on cloudy mays
i take a pill to shake the weight
of life on minal wage and better days
the part i play
is the guy that never make a jay
you think it's all bouquets
but i bet you've never had to kill a bomb
life is simply groundhog day and i'm bill murray
this is just a another way to get paid
what the hell you doin man you white
i'm just trying to get myself a better life

one time i was taken a ride
when the other boys decided it was time to end lives
i was taken back. i never thought it'd come to that
but the thrill it gave me never novacated
it just simply complicated a feeling that could never be elated
so just take a dive and memorize your favorite lies
the reels of poetry will never die so close your eyes
and fantasize a life where noones stealing
we could start the healing


Written By: Keith West

jet set accomadating cigarette
silhouette string quartet minuet
bag job masking 'squito nets
on a bank job lynch mob
cotton schwab
taking dicks like corn cobs
at the county fair with TL care
like a solitary millionaire
becoming shit aware of teddy bears
with pubic hairs
now i don't get excited
when the hippies are united
just that woodstock kind of pot
gets me bot and hot
like windsor knots
and i lose my train of thought
like cum in snot
don't miss the winning throw
it's like sloppy joes on gi hoes
and jim crow just fucked gung-ho
a game show with yoko and monroe
it's said i get the crip leg
when i hear about the tent peg
that popped that fertile egg
on garlic bread
what the figgity fuck am i saying
i'm crocheting and surveying
linguistic strings on wrestling rings
and living things no chicken wings
fuck the cave niggers
gotta grab and stab with scissors
break it down like wizard blizzards
and don't stop til disconfigured
so you know that bitch is hard with rigor
high five muff dive kf and don juan c
break it down with grizzle d
revenge of the verbs
is killin 40 tops in herds
with the sound of phenetical dog pounds
a blood hound sniffin cougar back seats
divin down like swim meets
on bucket seats with turkey meat
eltriptophan attention span
on common man
makes me think of muffin man
con job i've been rocking the mob
with time ticking in bombs
i make the fucking place erupt like hong kong
when we dropped the a
on hiroshima with the misdemeanor
cleaned that fucking place like a vacuum cleaner
we chiggity checked the price of crembula
on that fuckin day we were high as maids
who just got paid on friday
and their going out with tt now
so i can run the plow
taking raking all snow and
making sure i keep on flowing
got the camry from the family
it's a gift and not just candy
that i'm taking away
from the kids today
they got the fucking hay-day
with no toupees
take a sip purple trip and we doin it big
all we gotta do now is just crank it to ten
5 times i've been higher than i can't recall
it's just that lowdown smoking green that keeps me on call
like a secretary holding down all the time cards
we can make a secret fuck it man
i'll never be tall
i got the pipe with the white
and the bills are rolled up
all we gotta do now is just get em lit up
can we just take a minute to consider
all the things that make a dinner
green, dust, cloud puffs, and
maybe even needles for chumps
hell yeah man now i'm smellin that skunk
i heard you got the ak, calico, deuce in the trunk
that's fuckin hard up,man that'll get you barred up
i'm just packin my fists like boxers and kids
just trying to flip lids, and make a couple bucks
now we doin it large like charles we're in charge
i got a psa for dr dre, i'm lovin this shit
man we should kick it, make a hit then call in the doc
like inauguration day, we swear in the same way
you fellas did in nine deuce and don't forget snoop
speakin of bad boys man i'm watchin the cops
just like a couple of nonstop ducks who cropdust the bus
fine now hippie change the subject mother fuck it
can you hear me tho i'm talkin bout your tie die
sense of what is fly
got your moccassins and cardigans
you"re fuckin lots of africans
maybe we could run a train on a rainbow or chain gangs
a stripper with no zipper and her vag is like slippers
make me fist her cunt with big dippers and flippers
it's ridic as fuck that i'm a buck who's taking



Set List

1. physics
2. corona
3. hittin doors
4. cicada
5. slowbees
6. from the hip
7. new yeas