The Talking Liberties

The Talking Liberties

 West Memphis, Arkansas, USA

The result of a dream and a synthesizer blending lush yet catchy electronic soundscapes and melodies within traditionally structured pop style songs and lyric layouts. Tracks that flow together yet vary enough in composition, timbre, and lyrical concepts to keep your attention through the album.


The musical and influential timeline of The Talking Libertie's began in Blytheville, Arkansas with the little-known high school band: Life On Fire. It was the band's drummer who first introduced him to computer-based sequencing.

After few years of evolving with increasing musicianship as well as the quality and power of computer programs and instruments, The Talking Liberties was a project ready to take some real form and definition. After the minimalistic (and often referred to as a simply strange) approach of his first few singles and EP, constructive criticism was requested from the fans that set the project off in a new direction and writing style.

Drawing influences from from six years of school band, great music like Paul McCartney and Frank Zappa introduced to Wesley at a very early age, and working with some inspiring musicians and bands along the way have allowed him to mold the unique sound you hear now (or are going to hear shortly). Thanks for listening!

PLEASE NOTE: You can visit The Talking Liberties ReverbNation page ( to listen to and download the whole 'At Least Its Not Ass Rock' EP for free.


'Daytime Music' B Sides EP
'Nighttime Music' EP
'At Least Its Not Ass Rock' EP

Five tracks from the 'At Least Its Not Ass Rock' EP are currrently receiving airplay on WEVL 89.9 FM in Memphis, TN on the show 'Ear Candy'.

Set List

One Typical 30 Minute Set List: (Can play up to an hour set)

Looking The Same, Love (Unreleased)
Where's Your Man? (Unreleased)
Fuck That
Life In A Derigible
Lost Faith
To Settle All The Rumors, Yes I Did
Just Kill Me Already
Dramamine Fiend Scene (Unreleased)

My repertoire of covers currently include Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, Donnovan, Phil Collins, and America.