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my music is hip-hop I rap and or flow freestyle I love to write songs and perfom infront of people I written over 200-500 songs on paper.


Hi, im charlie and im 19 and back in 2005 I created a rap group called T-Town-Grinderz and im still rapping till this day, music is something that you must have a passion for don't do it because others want you to and trust me critisim is something that I get alot of and but i mean really when you think about if your white trying to make it in the hip-hop industry you might wanna early prep yourself for critisim cuz its coming. also i would suggest starting out by writing all your stuff then once you've caught the rythme then go to straight spittin off the top of your head basicly saying you know like wat ever comes to mind. I love what i do i just rececntly got sponsered by Get "D" Vibes Entertainments, I love rap music and cars and computers i honestly can't say i like to read but if it comes down to it and i just cant think of anything else to do i will read but usually not for very long, um also besure to check my myspace out and you can do that at: -band profile, - personal Profile. I also just recently released my new album "Doing Thingz" and its $9.99 and you can find/purchase this at: and you can also buy it at thank you for viewing my profile and i hope you have a wonderful day. p.s. "BUY MY ALBUM" sincerly yours: bigcdaboss


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