BandWorldNew Age

Psychedelic, trans-ethnic, world groove, tribal fusion music that transports the listener on a visually evocative musical pilgrimage to indigenous lands, shamanic visions, and the realms of spirit. In our energetic performances we create a space to get in touch with your primal essence!


We like to think of our music as a tapestry woven of musical textures that takes the listener on a mental journey, evoking images of far away places and mystical travels. Our music has a trance-like quality that is great to dance to. We put on a colorful SHOW, which includes interesting band costumes and often dancers to please the eyes as well as the ears. Influences include bands and artists such as Afro-Celt Sound Sytem, James Asher, Dead Can Dance, Prem Joshua, Loreena McKinnit, and the traditional music of the Middle East, India, Africa and Gypsy peoples.


EP: La Luna
CD: In final mixing as I write

Set List

Our music is all original.
Sets times can vary depending on needs. A full show consists of 2 sets of 1-1.5 hrs each. A typical set list would be the following.
Vibe Tantra
Fey Noir
We shall return
Dance of Ganesha
Gypsy Groove
Kumbha Mela
The weaver