Tub utilizes the sounds of classic rock and blends it with reggae to create a sound all their own. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Reede Nichols and Drummer Adam Belanger have been playing in Tub together for four years. There latest EP, Cheap Wine, was recorded at AI in Boston, MA last summer.


Tub consists mainly of Adam and Reede, two friends that have been writing music since high school. After forming Tub while attending school in Castleton, Vermont, the Duo found a sound that blended influences from across the spectrum. Sabbath and Zeppelin mixed with the Special and Bad Brains, with inspiration from everything in between. Reede's grooved out low end guitar sound blends with Adam's hard hitting single bass drum sounds. Though bassists have come and gone, the bands lineup has always focused on Adam and Reede. Currently living and playing in their hometown of Conway, NH, Tub has played from everywhere to the smallest diver bars to bigger venues such as Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Tub also plays about three festivals every summer for Maine Vocals, helping them bring their good vibes to anyone that will listen on the east coast.


Cheap Wine- EP 2009
Tub- LP 2008
All independently produced and released

Set List

We can play anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours, and have demonstrated it in many different cases. We play songs by the Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedys, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bad Brains, The Specials, and Warren Zeavon to name a few.