Tub Ring

Tub Ring


When you ask a band what type of music they play, you invariably get a confused look and an awkward reply along the lines of, "Well... it's really hard to describe". Tub Ring's answer? "We mix a tornado of genres like punk, classical, surf, a-capella, hard-core, pop, into one cohesive blend."


Forging this sound in 2001, Tub Ring has been a force of nature in the left-of-center world of music, building momentum and inertia with every day that passes. The band's first album of avant-garde pop, Drake Equation, was produced by Mr. Bungle's Trey Spruance. Since, Tub Ring has released a total of 3 albums and a DVD/B-Side double pack.


The Great Filter
Zoo Hypothesis
Fermi Paradox
Drake Equation

Set List

Our typical set list is made up of songs from our entire discography. We usually pull a majority of the songs from our current album.

On a headlining tour we'll do a 50-55 minute set.
As opening act/direct support we can do whatever is required.

Set list (as of late):

Get Help, Now
The Promise Keeper
I Could Never Fall in Love with You
When the Crash Happened
Friends and Enemies
No One Wants to Play
Killers in Love
Negative One
Future Was Free
The Charismatic Smile