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"The Skinny Magazine Review"

Sometimes I feel so horoured to be given the task of listening to new music, and in turn, lending a few words
of praise where they are due. With this first full length by Vancouver's Tuck, titled Lullabies and Other Lies, I
heap kudos by the truckload.

It's rare that an album pulls me in at first blush, but Tuck has a special quality to it that warms me to the cockles
and charms me to no end. With its rich beauty and solid backing of seasoned musicians, featuring members of the Parlour
Steps, The Phoenix Chamber Choir and The West Coast Symphony. Tuck brings forth a collection of songs culled from the
progressive classicfolk-rock songbook.

The album opens on a strong note with the instantly catchy "Watering Line". It is a bouncy little number showcasing sweet
vocal harmonies, warm organ backing, full bodied strings and a little clarinet for good measure, all tied together with
Amos Ashurst's unique sand-dosed manuka honey vocals. It's a steady incline from here as the album gently winds through
phases of rock, blues and a quaint, almost campy vibe in its folk element. This is a great debut and a welcome addition to
any music collection. - The Skinny Magazine

"The Railway Club; April 10th 2007"

"TUCK: Now here's a band with some smarts behind it. Jay Ashurst (vocals), Amos Ashurst (guitar, vocals), Jessica Werb (cello, saw), Kim Stewart (bass, vocals), and Rob Linton (drums) write some of the city's most intriguing, intelligent, and downright listenable songs this side of Sigur Ros."

Ferdy Belland- Journalist for the Nerve Magazine - Ferdy Belland

"Live Performance Review"

Sharing members with Parlour Steps, the West Coast Symphony and the Phoenix Chamber Choir, Tuck consists of frontman Amos Ashurst (guitars, vocals), Jaime Ashurst (vocals), Jessica Werb (cello), Kim Stewart (bass, vocals), and Rob Linton (drums). Two of Tuck’s members have spent time in the past writing and playing music with Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire, and this impressive musical background shows. With an eccentric and progressive folk rock sound, Tuck’s first full-length album “Lullabies and other lies” is a solid effort, drawing strength from Ashurst’s distinctive vocals (incredibly similar to that of Michael Stipe), Werb’s mood-setting cello, the group’s warm vocal harmonies and the occasional dab of clarinet. Produced by Juno award-winning producer Steve Dawson, the album was released in November of 2008 on Copperspine Records, and on May 21st the group took the stage at the media club to celebrate.

Opening the set with the song “Sunlight,” which does not appear on their debut album, it becomes quickly evident that the small, but friendly and enthusiastic crowd is in for a great show. Taking swigs of a beer that he has placed in a nifty cup-holder attached to his microphone stand, Ashurst immediately proves that he has a voice, and the songwriting capabilities worth remembering. While his voice draws striking comparison to that of REM frontman Michael Stipe, Ashurst is not without originality, finding warm, incredibly moving moments while also injecting a sense of urgency and almost anger into his song at times. Moving on into the evening, the group found a strongpoint with the first track off their album, “Watering Line.” With a cello part that compliments the upbeat ballad perfectly, and moments of clarinet that seem to flutter effortlessly above the enchanting tune, creating a very atmospheric and almost nostalgic feel that leaves you with butterflies in your stomach, it was catchy and moving, and noticeably captured the attention of the audience. One of the last songs of the evening, titled “Until its over” (fondly nicknamed ‘clappy’ by the group) provided for a great end to Tuck’s set. Containing great elements of percussion similar to that often showcased by groups such as The Most Serene Republic, the whole group claps throughout while Ashurst and the other vocalists lay down chilling, melancholic harmonies. Unfortunately Ashurst notified the crowd that it isn’t his favourite, and it would be the last time the group would be performing the song, and he instructs us to “buy the CD if you want to hear it again,” which is a real shame for such a great piece. Overall, Tuck’s performance was a solid and consistent effort, showcasing the great song writing talent of a group of seasoned musicians. It is a real treat when one experiences a new, original sound and Tuck delivered admirably.

- Ronatron


To be released summer of 2009: "Lullabies and Other Lies" (LP)

Released January 2007: "Seven Songs"

EP ("Seven Songs") available at Zulu Records (1972 West 4th Ave., Vancouver), Red Cat Records (4703 Main Street, Vancouver), Bone Rattle Music (2012 Commercial Drive, Vancouver). Or download from our website where there are 9 songs to choose from. Lyrics to all songs also at our website.



Tuck shares members with Parlour Steps, the West Coast Symphony and the Phoenix Chamber Choir. Two of its members (Amos Ashust and Rob Linton) spent their early twenties writing and performing music in an obscure band that included Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre.

Tuck does not succumb to the temptations of trend or gimmickry, and thus has a sound that is honest and unique; while at the same time being accessible to a wide range of listeners. The music is grimy, jumpy progressive folk rock with a dab of pop. It has been described as dramatic, beautiful and atmospheric. Highlights include three part harmonies, clarinet (when available) and cello.

Tuck's musicianship is exceptionally high, and performing live is one of the band's strengths.

In 2005 Tuck was awarded a FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Artists On Recordings) grant to record its debut EP "Seven Songs".

"Lullabies and Other Lies" (the band's first full-length album) was co-produced with the Juno-award winning producer Steve Dawson (www.stevedawson.ca/).

The song, "Lullabies and Other Lies", made it to the semi-finals in the International Songwriting Competition; the competition had over 15,000 entrants. The song's author is listed as Amos Ashurst at (http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/Semi-Finalists_2008.htm) This song also made it to the semi-finals in Mike Pinder's Songwars Competition. And it charted at number 20 on Toronto's CIUT, which is one better established Canadian campus community radio stations.

The album "Lullabies and Other Lies" has been on rotation on several college radio stations; as well as on CBC Radios 1, 2 and 3. It has also received extremely positive reviews.

Tuck has recently become affiliated with Copperspine Records (http://www.copperspinerecords.com/friends.html).