Tucker Bradley

Tucker Bradley


melodic . dark . funny. true . soothing . close up .


Bradley was performing for family as early as age12 but her first band experience was in 1971 as a singer with Houston's Cat's Pajama's at Norm Silvers Moustache Club in Montreal. In the years that followed she found a place in Houston's counterculture music scene with the likes of Mayo Thompson's Rocking Blue Diamonds, Montrose Marching Band, Mike Sumler, Rock Romano, Joe Dugan, Doug Legacy, Frank Davis, Natalie Zoe, Richard Dobson, the New Texas Bluesicians.

From 1978-2000, she was busy raising four kids.

Her recent collaboartion with Romano at Red Shack Studios in Houston, resulted in an 8 song limited release CD in 2005, Adventures in Paradise and a 12 song vinyl release for the holidays.


Adventure in Paradise- 2005
8-song limited release CD

Tucker Bradley 2006
12 song album - vinyl

Set List

50 - 70 minutes roughly half original and half re-arranged, sometimes obscure, covers.

sample list

Rex's Blues - folk-Townes Van Zandt
I Loved You - jazz - original
Just One More Dance - country - original
Danger Zone- Blues - Jimmy Reed
More and More and Then Some - Jazz- Nina Smone
Thank you Baby - World - original
Lonely Man - Americana - original
Bang Bang - 60's pop - Sony and Cher
Since I fell for You - jazz - standard
Hello Stranger - 60's - Barbara Mason?
Do your Duty - 40's jazz swing - Billie Holiday
What Would I Do? - R n B - Ray Charles
Adventures In Paradise - world - original
ALl I coud do Was Cry - R n B - Etta James
It's About Time - Blues - orginal