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This band has not uploaded any videos



"We Love This Tune Superman!"

Begin forwarded message:

Hi Kentucky!

John and I listened to your cd and we  love it!!! I've played it 8 or 9 times already this morning - the song is so beautiful and all of your instruments are so clear.. Please tell Tucky how much we enjoyed hearing her bass work too!  She is such a great person - I hope we get to be together again sometime soon! Valerie's voice is beautiful too and I think the song has incredible market-ability.. - This song is very "addictive" - I found myself humming it and wanting to hear it again...Good luck with it - you certainly have the talent to become even more famous and it couldn't happen to nicer people!! 

Hope to see you both again soon! You truly were amazing!!

XO Kim

- IPhone

"Great Video!"

My Dear, Dear Sky Band (Kentucky & Dave)

I just wanted to extend my grattitute to you for your incredible
dedication to my music over the years. Im am endlessly grateful for
your joyful open heartedness and true love for the songs that I write.

Naturally, when I had the opportunity to make a music video for my
solo project, I immediately knew that I wanted you both to be a part
of it.

I hope this video can in someways be a helpful showcase of your
(striking good looks...lol) and talent!

I am so happy to be able to share my special moment with the 2 people
who really believe in my dream. You are so both loving and capable and
I am blessed to truly call you my friends and I think of you as

I will provide you with copies as soon as I have the edit which will
be in about a month or 2

I shall also keep you all updated about the commercial progress of the
video and links where it is posted.

Finally, I cant wait to share the finished video with a screening at
the video release party and Ill let you know as that shapes up.

Looking forward to our next gig on the 15th.

All my love and omg, sappy but happy tears...

Sky xoxoxoxo


Thank you for supporting live music,

Bookings/Info: skymuzic@gmail.com


Reverb Nation:

The Sky Band:
www.myspace.com/myskyband - SkyMuzic.com

"Dave Bricker with Swing From the Hip"

Re: Dave Bricker with Swing From the Hip on Live Radio and Internet today‏
From: Dave Bricker (spot@spotgrafix.com)
Sent: Sun 2/17/08 8:32 AM
To: kentucky parkis (kentuckyparkis@hotmail.com)
Glad you're well. Sorry you're not sitting in with us. You truly rock!

Take care,


- Spotgrafix

"Thanks for Playing with Us!"


Special shout out and thanks to everyone who has come down to sit in with us the last few weeks, including:

Lee Farber - drums
Romauld Filizot et ses amies - bass
Megan Yaner - vocals
Sheryl Cohen - vocals
Kentucky Parkis - bass
Shoshke-Rayzl - guitar
Eliza B - vocals
Fania Tsakalakos - vocals
Carras Paton - saxophone
Foster - vocals
Alexandra - vocals
Baba - percussion
Jessica Novillo - vocals
Michael Lawson - violin
Valen - vocals


http://www.myspace.com/musicnoirsoundtracks - Musicnoir.com

"Your Music has Made My Day!"


Date:Feb 22, 2008 2:34 PM

Your music has made my day:

Hi Tucky,

You've really made my day and I feel we can establish a nice friendship!!! Please, look at my profile and if you find what I am offering to be of interest contact me at: boro_d@yahoo. com - or give me your e-mail address and I'll send you a detailed e-mail + some all-important info attached (4 small PDF files explaining what we could do together!)
Take care and keep up the excellent job!

Your friend,

HiZ Productions - HiZ Productions

"An Extraordinary Pleasure..."

From: Stu Newman (snewman2010@hotmail.com)
Sent: Mon 12/24/07 8:16 PM
To: kentucky parkis (kentuckyparkis@hotmail.com)
Merry Christmas, Kentucky.

As always, it was an extraordinary pleasure playing with you on Friday 12/21/07.

Be well, my friend. See you at the next Joy gig,
Stu Newman
New York Rocks!

- snewman2010@hotmail.com

"Big Thanks from Filet of Soul!"

From : <njsoul@comcast.net>
Sent : Monday, July 2, 2007 8:34 PM
To : "kentucky parkis" <kentuckyparkis@hotmail.com>
Subject : RE: Sat. gig

K, Just wanted to follow Up with a big Thanks. The gig was Lots of fun
and it had some real killer musical moments. You were great and your
boyfriend is a Monster on the Sax, WOW. We will be in touch.
Brendan - Filet of Soul.net


Check out myspace.com/tuckytobias for tunes.



Bassist, Singer, Composer, Jazz Educator. IAJE member, ASCAP member. I also dance and play piano! Graduate of University of Miami- Music Education with Jazz Emphasis. Recently relocated to NYC. Recently designated Artist by the City of New York. Bassist/singer for the Sky Band. www.myspace.com/myskyband
The Sky Band recently finished our video "Special" with production company No Frames LLC! Directed by Erin Judd and Mikko Timonen. Executive Producer Eric Nirina. "Special" is receiving airplay on Z100 in NYC and on affiliate's aroung the world. We are in contract negotiations (wish us luck!) Currently in process of recording my debut album of original tunes on bass, piano, vocals, etc. entitled "Songs In The Key Of One." Also performing with Grammy Award winner Enid (of Enid and the Boys & Fame! the Musical) and Joy Ryder & the New York Rhythm All-Stars. In Florida after I was doing an opening slot on tour with AC/DC and recording "The Lost Album," with them, I was bassist/singer for Joey Gilmore, the International Blues Challenge Winner of '05, plus many recording artists such as Prince(!), Lucky Peterson, The Roach Thompson Blues Band, Nancy Heartline, T-Blue... People say I'm hot, professional and creative. My bass of choice is a handmade Tobias bass (after Alembic & before Gibson) - my hero Michael Tobias actually handmade it!