Tuco's Lounge

Tuco's Lounge


Tuco’s Lounge can be described as a mixture of the elegancy of country music, the raw energy of surf rock and the performing strength of five handsome men. Tuco`s Lounge has established a well earned reputation as indeed one of the most vital live bands around.


The band:

“Tuco’s Lounge is the devil behind the wheel – a one way ride to satisfy all lusts – a single minded mission to take on the world – Rock’n’Roll to steal your soul.”- - The Devil himself, Oct. 2005.

In other words: Tuco’s Lounge is a beautiful musical journey. They combine the desert-like landscape of Calexico and Nick Cave with the raw sound of hell bound Rock’n’Roll. Escaping further categorisation, the music is equally suited for small Rock’n’Roll clubs and large festival stages.

On stage, the band is a breathtaking experience. Tuco’s Lounge always delivers great live shows. They are passionate about their music and intense in their performances. The key to success is unique qualities combined with the collective effort to bring out the best of each other. The boys love the life in the spotlight. The joy and excitement of the band becomes infectious - it is impossible not to feel good during a Tuco’s Lounge show.


Originating from Bergen – the Rock’n’Roll metropolis of Norway - Tuco’s Lounge has officially been voted best band in town, TWICE!!

The band has been busy from the start, resulting in four widely acclaimed releases and over 140 gigs in four years. Their domestic brake through came to pass with the attendance at By:Larm 2005 and the release of the debut album “Wide Load” in February 2005. Both the showcase and the release got overwhelming reviews. The band spent the following summer touring Norway from north to south - gaining a well earned reputation as one of the most vital live bands around.

With one foot on the steel and one foot on the pedal; in September the boys turned their wheels to Europe and Popkomm 2005. Nothing short of a spectacular showcase resulted in a partnership with A.S.S, a support tour for The BossHoss “Urban Hymns Tour” (November & December 2005), and finally an international release with “Attitude Adjuster” (The A Label, 2006). In May 2006 the band toured in their own right throughout north and east Germany, building up a solid fan base.


International release:
Attitude Adjuster (The A Label/Rough Trade) 2006