tudikas wayne hunnicutt

tudikas wayne hunnicutt

BandEDMHip Hop

Imagine a gigantic skating rink full of 500 pound people doing backflips and hot disco moves while they solve advanced physics equations using the neon trails of their skates as chalk. The sounds pouring from the speakers would be mine.


I look at electronic music as a viable form of modern music, and i believe it deserves as much credit as Jazz, Classical, Soul, etc. I admire the now "classic" arrangement of acid house...the 808, the 303, and,well, maybe another 303. I also enjoy the syncopated, twisted, nearly mathematical chaos of more "IDM" tagged artists like Autechre, Squarepusher, Kid 606, etc. Add in my propensity towards completely ludicrous pop music (see Michael Bolton, Paula Abdul, Bell Biv Devoe), and my admiration for retarded 80's Miami Bass, and you have what I believe is my sound. Enough with semantics, my mission is to vibrate your ass until it makes your brain poplock.


Benjamin Thomas Walker - "Love It" self released, 2002 (200 copies)

Track "Ehrport (final struggle mix)" appears on Broken Fader Cartel's compilation "THe Collective Polycarbonate Rellease, Vol:1"

Upcoming album on Broken Fader Cartel (brokenfadercartel.com) in September 06

Set List

I don't have a set list, I play a bunch of random, unreleased and in progress beats.