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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Rock Indie






Lets go ahead and start with a quick review to learn a bit more about Tuerka and The Bell's gestation. 

The name for the band <<Tuerka>> came to be physic of a script in one of Alejandro's dreams who assures he saw such name on it and they bonded the group's desire to expose Earth's nature and its cosmic place,  using <<the bell>>, as a vessel. 

It all began within,  what appeared to be just like any group of friends until one day, such a bizarre but common idealism clicked and made it natural to start producing their own music and push an idea of having the same common purpose in order to harvest <<Tuerka's drive>> as an idea of bonding the best of each band member as a whole in order to <<cross over>> the next level.

Such a musical perspective makes it possible to bulk out bold among other bands(specially local bands) as Tuerka utilizes experimental sci-fi indie rock, as their vessel to denote the content of their first EP, named " the bell "

Produced by Alejandro Montoya(General Studio Director). 

The band's lyrics of this American Rock band runs mainly from Alejandro Montoya( guitar, keyboards, and synthesizer ), Composer, Music arranger, Songwriter, Lyricist, and from Freddy Alvarez( guitar, bass, melodic, percussions ), Lyricist and Press Director, along with Shamir Diaz's experimental beats and interludes on drums and xylophone.

The Doors, The Beatles, Sigur ros, and John williams, are the perfect mix chosen to blend in Tuerka's projection. Such an impact, on  Tuerka's particular sound, shaped its blueprint and made it possible for the band to have shows out of town. " Despite the fact that we all thought that having our music exposed in cities like Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, was a great accomplishment at the time(2009-2010), we knew we can go further. We wanted more and we took it as a step to keep moving forward, and we are. Now with radio plays being broadcasted nationally and internationally, Tuerka is currently harvesting 'Likes' all over the world. Manchester, Berlin, Sydney, Vancouver, New York,  Mexico City, are some of the cities Tuerka keeps getting a great feed back.. ", quoted Freddy Alvarez(2011-until present).

All these experiences grants Tuerka the opportunity to expand their audience. Every time the crowd start listening to Holly Hall's or Pet Peeve's intro(among others), they already identify the whole song. 

On another note, Alejandro and Freddy admit that, it is important to mention the fact that Tuerka's lyrics are open for interpretation as they take on conservative but controversial themes. " When people constantly blend their own perspective and come up with their own meaning of the songs, to us, that's a great accomplishment because we strongly believe that music it self is what feelings sound like and thus ambiguous lyrics play a huge role.. ", quoted Alejandro Montoya. 

All of these special features but over all The Bell's fresh sound, for that kind of people in today's contemporary music movement to listen to, Tuerka is a great band to share the band's own thirst of Sci-fi Rock.

Houston's Newspaper, La Vibra.
(by David Dorante and Freddy Alvarez). - Houston's Newspaper, La Vibra.

"Bandas: Tuerka, indie en español"

Los miembros de la banda Tuerka aseguran que decidieron llamarse así, con la letra k en lugar de la c, porque esa pequeña pieza de metal les representa la unión. "Es un nombre que nos agradó en el sentido de que puede representar lo que somos (...) dándole un significado de unión e ideales compartidos", explican los músicos con orgullo.

La historia de éste grupo houstoniano de rock comenzó hace dos años en las tardes de ocio de cinco amigos que se reunían a escuchar música.

La banda está conformada por los músicos mexicanos Alejandro Montoya en guitarra, Omar Mena en teclados, Octavio Mena en el bajo, Shamir Díaz en la batería y Freddy Alvarez en la guitarra.

En una de aquellas tardes se les ocurrió tratar de imitar a sus grupos favoritos, los estadounidenses Mars Volta y los británicos The Beatles.

Ahora, esas simples ganas de diversión, los han convertido en una de las bandas más interesantes de la ciudad con un sonido que recuerda a la banda mexicana Zurdok.

"Conforme empezábamos a tocar, en fiestas de amigos o en cualquier lugar donde nos invitaban, iban surgiendo más canciones (...) y bases para crear nuestra música", refieren los miembros del grupo que se aprestan para sacar su primer disco de seis canciones el próximo año.
- La Vibra de Houston


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Still working on that hot first release.



The band relies on a semi-hollow epiphone 70s guitar style fused with modern delay and reverb on a solid-state Fender sound amp. Along with the combinations of old school traditional electromechanical organ as well as a steady synchronized Fender precision 60s bass, a Fender Stratocaster guitar, and a Mapex alternative drum beats, Tuerka manages to create a waveform synthesis sound incase apparel. The techniques applied, grasp a new born phase distortion and physical modeling sample-based of wave modulations. Such achievement, take you into a state of mind that catches and bends an acupuncture like experience. Tuerkas lyrics are the gateway to create such an environment of human reasoning by tackling conservative and controversial believes. In order to declare such a mood, Tuerka also projects video images to display the perception of the essential band nature qualities.

It all started by playing covers of their favorite bands. Such bands like Sigur Ros, The Doors, and John Williams shaped Tuerkas way of creating music. The journey began by playing at parties and local bars.
As the band began to gain experience and entered its first phase of grasping the sence of that unique touch, Tuerka started to play more often at different local venues, the tour of making appearances in other cities like Austin, Dallas and San
Antonio, was possible. Tuerka began to grow as a single organism by following its own need and desire to listen to music according to their ideal taste. The band conquered its blue print by creating a mix of sound, mood, and environment of all its influences in compound with their ideas.

As Tuerka released track by track from the under growing album project (The Bell), people began to identify with Tuerkas music as they could hear that feeling of self connection. To get there, the band drives the audience by applying precise shift changes in rhythm and energy within songs according to the specific mood trance, every time, songs such as Holly hall or Pet peeve(among others) begin to play, the crowd gets fired up as they can feel their favorite tunes approaching the climax of the song. The band uses certain catchy riffs and arpeggios that makes it very challenging to try not to get such interludes to stick in your head and thus begin to hum them later on. Another important feature about Tuerka is the fact that Tuerkas song lyrics are open for interpretation. Throughout the years, the band has learned that people have come up with their own meaning by listening to the songs in their unique ways blending in their own perspective which perfectly varies from the pioneer point of view. This non-conventional phenomenon is very appealing for Tuerka and for the kind of people that share that common thirst of Sci-fi Rock.