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The Life and Times of Kerry Fofanah AKA “Tuesday”. You never notice the kids sitting on the loser’s bench, but the kids on loser’s bench notice you. Tuesday emerges from the shadows to represent ,the uncool , the misunderstood the unpopular. Tuesday writes songs with just a hint of sarcasm, revealing his take on the world and how the more things change they remain the same. Tuesday was born into an ethnically diverse family. His father is from Sierra Leone and his mother is from Russia. This unusual mixture brought forth the curly haired misfit , Kerry Fofanah. 2nd grade was brutal . This started his withdrawal from the crowd. Kerry retreated into a private world where the music on his FM radio became his best friend .This was in the early ‘90’s when rap music was becoming a serious contender on the music scene .Even though at that time people thought rap music was responsible for every sin on the face of the earth even leaky faucets, it somehow bought him comfort. Kerry’s conservative parents did not take too kindly to there son’s new addiction ,he was rarely without his radio the earplug glued to his ears. To pacify his dad Kerry started listening to Classical music which at first seemed bland and tasteless like eating over cooked broccoli compared to the juicy offerings of rap music. A funny thing happened though , classical music grew on him and eventually became not just tolerable , but enjoyable. Today Kerry AKA Tuesday is respected by his peers as a talented singer and songwriter. He has come a long way from the schoolyard but has never forgotten being “uncool ” songs such as ‘I wish that I was born in New York…’ and ‘Loser’s Bench’ reflect this.