Tuesday Delectation

Tuesday Delectation

BandAlternativeNew Age

We play all original instrumental tracks. We do what we can to improvise at all times. Always looking for more sounds to throw in the mix.


It started and continues within the UW-Oshkosh campus where our heroes Nick, Nick, Doug, and Steve live. We continue to fight everyday. Some fight hunger and others fight illiteracy. We do this so at some point we can find some time to get together and make some music. Some people tell us they like us. And we like them.

All of Tuesday's recorded tracks are just cut out of weekly jam sessions. So please ignore me yelling in the mix.


Random Jamdoms - a collection of some of our hometown jam sessions.

Set List

Last gig we were given 45 minutes. We are anxious to increase. And are thinking of throwing down some fan favorite covers.
can do at least 10 songs