Tuesdays @ 8

Tuesdays @ 8


Rockified-pop, REM meets 10,000 Maniacs


Opening up for Tom Petty on the Sirius Satellite Stage in Atlanta is among the top thrills Tuesday's @8 has experienced. The band also opened up for Van Hunt in Atlanta.

The band,originally known as, Candy from Strangers, is the brainchild of Dale's. It all began as a way to bring his music to life. Together with vocalist and lyricist, Micki, the music began to simmer. After gigging accoustically , the duo felt the urge to electrify. With the addition of Kara and Jeff the music took on a whole new life.

The sound; edgy pop, with rock guitar riffs that give the music guts and movement, contagious lyrics and, sultry vocals that give warmth, " in the pocket" drum licks, and kicking bass lines. Nuances of REM, and other nineties rock bands influence the music, while 10,000 Maniacs, Stevie Nicks and Cheryl Crow are some of the vocal influences.

Tuesdays@8 have played many Atlanta venues, as well as New York and Birmingham venues.


Cd "Candy From Strangers" cdbaby.com
singles released on itunes: "Storming"
"Circles", "Lay with Me", Bring it back"," Secret Star"
"Candle","Private Prison", "Wishy Washy Girl", "Baby Goodbye", "Lucky Charms"

Set List

Heaven Knows
Secret Star
Private Prison
Not Perfect
Thrill Pill
Heaven on the Highway
The edge
Bring it Back

We usually play 45 minute sets.
Some songs we've covered are:
Sweet Dreams
I'm only happy when it Rains
the Metro
these boots are made for walking
Under the Milky Way