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"Philly's first Rap Supergroup" has performed with Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Rob Base & EZ Rockand toured the U.S. as the support act for 2Live Crew. Ethnically diverse, stylistically raw, bass-heavy, with aggressive scratch Djing. TUFF CREW IS PHILLY HIPHOP.


For Hip-Hop purists, scholars and Philly natives of the first Golden Age, Tuff Crew fully epitomizes Philly's civic pride. The crew consisted of Ice Dog, L.A. Kid, DJ Too Tuff, Tone Love, and Monty G, repping all parts of the city to create Philly's first rap supergroup. First appearing on the scene on the Soo Deff Records EP "Phanjam," alongside some other regional acts such as Camden, New Jersey's Krown Rulers, and accompanied by production from Ced Gee, they made local noise playing block parties in and at spots like the legendary After Midnight nightclub. However, they didn't really break until the spring of 1988, when they released their first LP, Dangerzone, on Warlock Records, and their first single, "My Part of Town" b/w "Detonator." "My Part of Town" became a citywide anthem, with its opening guitar riff (the Blackbyrds' "Street Games"), up-tempo beat, and 808 overload. All summer in the city, this song could be heard playing in almost every car on the street, with booming kicks preceding any vehicle for blocks. With bass like that, no wonder Miami was also a big market for the Tuff Crew. To this day, in Philly, by dropping that instantly recognizable guitar chord, it's the equivilent of throwing gasoline on the fire. The rugged beat, coupled with the assault of some of the best lyricists of the time, is heightened by Too Tuff, one of the best unheralded DJs of the time. His lightning-fast cuts of Kurtis Blow's "so damn tough" inspired every DJ from up and down the Delaware River. Flip the record over for one of the best Dj cuts of all time, "Detonator." Again, Too Tuff "drops the bomb" in this workout of Technics wizardry. It's a shame that Too Tuff's name doesn't get mentioned as much as it should alongside the laundry list of Philly's legendary DJs. Truly classic material. --Cosmo Baker, Waxpoetics


"My Parta Town" peaked at #23 on the Billboard Rap charts (1989.)

"Back to Wreck Shop" reached #74 on the Billboard R&B album charts (1989.)

Source: www.billboard.com

LP Discography
1987 Phanjam (Soo Def)
1988 Danger Zone, My Part of Town (Warlock)
1989 Back To Wreck Shop (Warlock)
1991 Still Dangerous (Warlock)

Set List

"Going the Distance," "Let It Rip," "Smooth Momentum," "She Rides that Pony," "Northside," "Come On and Go Off," "It's Mad," "What, You Don't Know?," "Mountain's World," "Open Field Attack," "Nut," "Got to Be Funky," "Soul Food," "My Parta Town."