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Jacksonville, Florida, United States | SELF

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Side Hustle"

"I can't stop listening, why aren't you guys famous" Scott- The Side Hustle - The Side Hustle


Tuffy is "one of those bands," as some friends of mine would say. They play fairly regularly but rarely travel out of town. They have no merchandise to speak of, or if they do it stays holed away in someone's closet or trunk. But they are incredible. With 3 guitars, bass, drums and cello, their sound is nothing if not full. Between the gang vocals and all the strings doing their own thing, Tuffy has more layers than a vegetarian lasagna. The guitars take dissonant strolls in their own directions while the cello adds that little touch of drama. They do classic indie rock a la early Modest Mouse but with the swagger of Tim Kasher. Somehow they manage to revel in the chaotic disorganization between songs and make missed notes and forgotten lyrics sound intentional. Just when you think the whole set is going to fall apart, they all come in out of nowhere and perfectly execute whatever song is next. It's really quite a sight. After watching a Tuffy show, it becomes clear that the band's reluctance to market themselves is not a testament to their ennui, but proof that they just love to play music together. - EntertaingingU Jacksonville

"Gimme 5"

Howie Winkler: 5 Reasons Why Jacksonville's Music Scene is Great

By Heather Lovejoy Story updated at 6:44 PM on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009

Howie Winkler

Howie Winkler is a guitarist and singer for the local rock band Tuffy, which is most often compared to Modest Mouse and Sebadoh. As part of the Conmoto Art and Music Festival, they play Saturday, Nov. 21, at The Sinclair, 521 W. Forsyth St.

5 reasons Jacksonville's music scene is great:

1. The bands: There are a bunch of really great bands playing original music here. Being in a band allows me to have more exposure than most to shows around town, and I'm continually impressed by the number of talented musicians. Now, if we could only get more people off of the couch, they would see it firsthand.

2. Variety: Every week, there are multiple shows in different parts of the city showcasing area talent, but one of the things that really strikes me is the diversity. Hip-Hop, rock, country, soul, metal, indie, jazz, comedy — you name it, it's here. And most of it is really, really good.

3. Venues: I hear people complain about Jacksonville, and I just don't get it. There are great venues. The Florida Theatre, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Freebird Live and Jack Rabbits are the obvious places, but there is so much more. Shantytown in Springfield puts on great free shows. Music at The Sinclair sounds amazing, and there's a cool ambience.

4. Infintesmal Records: There are a lot of DIY labels. Of course, being a part of what Infintesmal is doing makes me biased, but what the co-founders are doing, and what they represent, is the best. It's nothing short of a musical family.

5. The people: It's not the city you live in that makes a scene good. It's the people behind the scenes. Besides my bandmates, there are so many great people who put their souls into the sights and sounds of the city on a daily basis.

http://jacksonville.com/entertainment/music/2009-11-13/story/gimme_5_howie_winkler_5_reasons_why_jacksonvilles_music_scene_i - Florida Times Union


2007- Tuffy- Self titled EP

2009- Contributed tracks "Broke Down" and "Stop to Stare" to The Real Better Jacksonville Plan volume 2 (Infintesmal 01/09)

2009- Contribruted tracks "The Accused" and "Spring Kids" to The Real Better Jacksonville Plan volume 3 (Infintesmal 10/09)

Tuffy- Friends River 8/10

Tuffy- Friends River 9/12 (also streaming on spotify)



Jacksonville Florida's Tuffy has been slowly building momentum and fans over the past few years based on the strength of their live performances. They were formed by principal song writers Sean Madgett and Howie Winkler. Tuffy started as a 2 piece recording project for the long time friends who recorded low-fi, layering vocals and multiple instruments. Upon playing some well received shows in and around Jacksonville, the 2 piece decided to fill out the live sound with a full band. They got some friends to help out and they've been going strong ever since, building a loyal fanbase in the process. Tuffy's songs sound chaotic yet melodic with layered harmonies and just enough space between the notes. They are often compared to bands like Modest Mouse or Pavement, but they have a sound all their own. The current line up includes Winkler and Madgett on vocals and guitar, Joel Land on bass, Earol Aguilar and his spaced out guitars, and former cadets drummer Cash Carter rounding up the line up on drums. Their debut album- Friends River is a collection of those early recordings and was received warmly. They followed that up with Friends River, yep. It features a couple of the earlier recordings and a whole new batch of songs. However, the best way to experience Tuffy is to see a live show. After sharing the stage with such artists as, Phosphorescent, David Bazan, Black Kids, Tracy Shedd, Captured by Robots, Fin Fang Foom, Islands, The Lemonheads, and The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, the band is looking to make a name for themselves beyond the streets of Jacksonville.