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Will Rap For Tuka (2010)



Just To Feel Wanted
The first single from
Feedback Loop
…the upcoming second solo album from the Thundamentals MC

“It’s a real hybrid mongrel of a song”
As a precursor to Tuka’s second solo effort, Just To Feel Wanted is vibrant and energetic, enthusiastic yet contemplative – just like the artist himself. Based on a ’60s-style surf groove, Tuka’s flow works in unison with crafty turntable cuts, hand claps, warm bass and plenty of twang. The result is an epic party track tempered by morning-after clarity.

“It’s a light-hearted song, but it’s got a dark edge,” the MC explains. “A couple of years back, I had a conversation with my mum about wanting to do music as a career – and just trying to do art in Australia in general. She doesn’t give a fuck about the music scene – if it’s a good song, she’ll listen to it. So she actually coined the phrase in the chorus – ‘People make a lot of bullshit just to feel wanted’. It stuck in my head. It felt like a throwback Bob Dylan lyric that he never got around to writing.”

“Just To Feel Wanted is about how we approach the creation of art. I believe good art should enhance our society rather than seek recognition from it”
Boiled down, Just To Feel Wanted presents a simple ethos – be true to who you are and what you feel, be the best you can be, and have a good time while you’re doing it. Life doesn’t sound that hard when you look at it from the right angle, but not everyone nails it. “It’s easy to say, but actually standing by that is a different story,” adds Tuka. “And that’s the vibe of the whole of Feedback Loop – staying true to the art you feel the world needs to experience, rather than trying to please everyone.”

“It’s not a concept album, but it follows themes – it’s pretty personal”
As an entrée, Just To Feel Wanted sets an effervescent scene for the follow-up to the Blue Mountains MC’s well-received 2010 solo debut Will Rap For Tuka. It’s an album as expansive as it’s expressive. “After doing a solo record, you have more of a feel of your holistic musicality – what you’re actually capable of,” Tuka explains. Still as in love with his regular crew as ever, his solo work is all about progressing at his craft.
“With Thundamentals, if you hit a wall you just ask somebody and they fill in the gaps for you. But with this, I actually have to think about how to make a drum tone sound better or whatever.”

With Feedback Loop set for release in October, expect an album that broadens your mind both musically and mentally.