Tullie Brae and the Medicine Man Revue

Tullie Brae and the Medicine Man Revue


Tullie Brae and the Medicine Man Revue creates timeless Rock-N-Roll with blues, folk and jazz influences that makes you groove, move and remember why you love music in the first place.


Music's mission is to take the listener on a journey, a journey away from their current reality, enrapture them in the moment of the song and free them from themselves during that moment. Really great live music with talented artist does that every single time.

That is what Tullie Brae and the Medicine Man Revue strives to do with each and every one of their live performances. They give it all to the listener - taking the listener with them on their musical journey.

Tullie Brae commands the stage with a confident presence from the experience of her passion, playing to a live audience. Whether it is playing festivals, headlining club dates or opening acts for touring acts, Tullie Brae creates a "real live show experience" and gives herself to her audience like only a true artist can.

On the road performing since her early teens; Tullie Brae has now put together "a live show experience" that truly encompasses everything musically she is as a singer, an instrumentalist and a entertainer with her group and live show "Tullie Brae and the Medicine Man Revue."

Tullie Brae brings to the road a body of live work that includes her original songs and the songs of great writers she admires. With her band she lays downs a musical show of solid American Rock-n-Roll with influences of blues, soul, folk and jazz. If American music is what you want, then Tullie Brae and the Medicine Man Revue are the entertainers you need and the live show your audience craves.


3-song EP " Hey Now" released 10/31/08

White Flower
American Princess
I'll Be There

Set List

Three - 45 minute sets
70% originals per set
30% covers per set
Rock, Blues, Folk and Alternative