Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop

Hip hop delivered in a classic sense, one MC (Tulsi), one DJ (Modul8r or Able) - consistently exciting the audience with high energy, dope beats, original rhymes and fresh scratches.


Tulsi is an independent hip hop artist based in Seattle. He wrote his first song at age 12 while under the influence of golden-age icons (such as Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, NWA) and has never looked back. He performed his first set at age fourteen in Spokane working to hone an authentic voice over the years that doesn't preach but strives for a meaningful comment on the complexity of the human experience from his point of view.

Tulsi seems to be seriously prolific, releasing his 3rd album, Cold Smoke, (at Seattle's famed Crocodile) in the past five years. If you haven't listened to Tulsi yet you're in for some great sonic moments when you find Fresh Points on Life (2006) and Waterflow (2007). Tulsi loves to honor hip hop history while saying what needs to be said now. Rocking to the the beats of Confidence, Blake 9 and Mallard – he performs with a DJ, Modul8r (or DJ Able if Modul8r can't make it). A storyteller, the lyrics take you on a journey, each song with a destination translated from the Sanskrit of Tulsi's take on the why, who, how, when and where of it all.

In the past five years Tulsi has rocked over 150 shows including XGames16 and 3 West Coast tours. He keeps surprising himself and his fans with passionate performances, finding a knack for vocal clarity, projection and a love for getting it out there live. Add that to innovative beats and lyrics that flow like the Puget Sound rain and you've got Tulsi.

You'll hear his 4 year old son Tre on the final cut of Cold Smoke. Tulsi works a day job, supporting his boy and his music, hoping one day to be able to have even more time to mine the veins of his convoluted brain.

Seattle Weekly “Tulsi, an alliteration master…”

The Stranger "An ultracompetent MC...Tulsi gracefully harks back to Del tha Funkee Homosapien and other gilded-age West Coast rappers..."


Cold Smoke (2010 - LP)

1. Crooked Letter
2. Fast Lane
3. Don't Front
4. College
5. My Steez
6. Truth Hurts
7. The Originator
8. Humble Beginnings
9. Sideways
10. Smokers Cough
11. Jet Lag
12. Suitcase & a Trunk
13. Whispers in the Wind
14. Ozone

Nothing to No One (2009 - EP) - Produced by Specs One

1. No Umbrella
2. Breaking Away
3. Dexter and Denny
4. Don't Relax
5. One Interlude
6. Evaporate
7. Tearing Myself Apart

Waterflow (2007 - LP)

1. Ruin Us (produced by Confidence)
2. Graffiti (produced by Confidence)
3. Come & Get it (produced by Confidence and J.Ferra)
4. Keep it Moving (produced by Confidence)
5. Rolling Papers (produced by Confidence)
6. Bleeding (produced by Mallard)
7. Simple Softly (produced by Product Eon)
8. Use (produced by Copperpot)
9. The Bullet (produced by Confidence)
10. People Watch (produced by Confidence)
11. Flirtation (produced by Confidence)
12. Blue Water (produced by Confidence)
13. Sophomore (produced by Confidence)
14. Pay Attention (produced by Specs One)

Fresh Points on Life (2006 - LP)

1. Headcrack (produced by Confidence)
2. Every Now & Then f. Mia Karter (produced by Skip Whitman)
3. Humble Man's Trilogy (produced by John Robinson)
4. Downtown Interlude (produced by ID 4 Windz)
5. Mind Reading Contest (produced by Tost)
6. Sharpest Blade (produced by Confidence)
7. Travel Back f. Kontinuwis (produced by Emynd)
8. Pro and Con f. Mia Karter (produced by Emynd)
9. Halo (produced by The Wizard)
10. Flip the Script (produced by Skip Whitman)
11. Love Makes a Shadow (produced by Omid)
12. All I do is (produced by 7L)
13. Do Something (produced by Elusive)
14. The Breeze (produced by Omid)

Set List

The set list varies on from show to show to fit the audience. Tulsi has an edgy style but can also pull it back and play for all ages.