For nearly the last decade Melbourne’s five-piece, rhythm strong collective Tumbarumba has become known Australia wide for their riveting Brazilian, Reggae, Funk, Samba and Hip-Hop beat laden concerts.


Finding its roots in the street music of Brazil and the rhythms of an Australian Samba School, Tumbarumba has evolved into a unique ensemble whose individual members bring to it a world of influences and raw energy that draws both audience and performers into a frenzy of celebration and freedom.

Tumbarumba consists of some of Melbourne‘s finest percussionists, past and present members have and continue to perform with some of Melbourne's best live bands including; Bad Boys Batucada, Bomba, Blue King Brown, Diafrix, Illzilla, LABJACD, Mista Savona, Oxo Cubans, San Lazaro & The Red Eyes.

“Tumbarumba is a simple and time-tested formula for intense partying”

Performance Highlights:
The Olympics, Sydney
Commonwealth Games, Melbourne
Big Day Out
St Kilda Festival
Queenscliff Music Festival
Australian Grand Prix
Woodford Folk Festival
Chill Island, Phillip Island (Curated by Clare Bowditch)
Moomba Festival
City of Port Phillip Festival
Latin 'Johnston Street' Fiesta
Melbourne Fringe Festival
Brunswick Music Festival
Residencies at The Espy - St Kilda & The Evelyn - Fitzroy
Port Melbourne Festival and many more!