70's-soft-rock-style mellow acoustic ballads with generous portions of America, Jim Croce, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot influences; “tinged with an Eagles meets Grateful Dead meets James Taylor flavor” [Skope Magazine]; lightly seasoned with blues and jazz.


Alan Collins and Scott Swan hail from the small town of East Wilton in rural Western Maine. As childhood friends, they developed a keen interest in and appreciation of music at a very early age. Both Alan and Scott started playing guitar in their early teens. "We were really into the acoustic bands and artists of the day," Alan recalls, "especially America because of the choppy rhythms and liberal use of major seventh and minor seventh chords. It was really great to jam to." Other significant influences came from bands and artists like Jim Croce, The Eagles, Poco, Dan Fogelberg, Jackson Brown, CSN (& sometimes Y), Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and James Taylor.

Both played in several local bands in high school. Ironically, they never played in the same bands, though they got together and jammed frequently.

In their later teens, Alan and Scott began experimenting with writing music. Alan wrote a number of songs by himself and collaborated with Scott as well.

After high school Alan and Scott went their separate ways. Scott joined the Air Force and was stationed in Washington DC after basic training, where he worked in the Pentagon as a linguist for the next six years. He also met and married his wife there. After his hitch with the Air Force was up, he and his family moved to Florida, where he still lives today.

Meanwhile, Alan stayed in Maine, also got married, and lived in several nearby cities and towns before eventually settling down in Farmington. Although the distances divided them, they kept two things in common: their love of music and their love of Weld, Maine – a place where both Scott and Alan spent a lot of time in the summer from the time they were young.

Scott and Alan often went years without seeing each other, but remained good friends. When they did get together, Weld was always the meeting place. Alan recalls that whenever they got together after several years that “We just sort of picked where we left off. It was like we were never apart.” That was true of their friendship and their guitar playing as well.

In the summer of 2003, Scott and Alan started focusing on some of the songs they had written over the years together and apart and started making plans to record a CD. Unfortunately, it was a very hot summer and they spent much of their time in the lake trying to stay cool. Nevertheless, they did manage to record three demo songs: “Guitar Melody #42” (Later re-recorded as “The Narrows”), “Stardust” and “Sail Away.” The latter two original demos are included as bonus tracks on their CD.

It was that same summer that the duo decided on the name “Tumbledown," after one of the more prominent and beautiful mountains in Weld. Both agreed that the name had to have something to do with Weld and they both felt it had a nice ring to it.

The next summer, Scott’s time to collaborate with Alan was limited, but he managed to finish the song “The Last To Say Goodbye” he’d been working on for a couple of years. They recorded a demo of that as well, but nothing more.

In the summer of 2005, Alan and Scott recorded all of the guitar, bass and vocal tracks for the songs included on “Sail Away” in three weeks at a cottage-turned-recording-studio on Webb Lake in Weld.

For the next year and a half, Alan – in his spare time – overdubbed backing vocals and additional percussion, and did a lot of mixing and re-mixing. The only thing lacking was drums. “We kind of did things backwards.” Alan recalls. “We had three different drummers lined up that fell through, but we had to keep the project moving or it would never have happened.”

Finally, last summer Alan found a drummer and was able to get the drum tracks recorded. After spending the rest of the summer and early fall doing more re-mixing, the project was finally complete. It was mastered, pressed and released in November of 2006.

“Sail Away” represents over 25 years of the songwriting of Scott and Alan, both individually and collectively. In many ways, it also represents a family effort in that Scott’s son Jonathon played with us on many of the songs (and wrote the song “Comfort Me”), and Alan’s wife Kay Sue and several children contributed their musical talents as well to make the CD complete.

Because both Scott and Alan live so far apart and both have full-time jobs (Scott is a teacher, which allows him to come to Maine in the summer), Tumbledown is not currently touring. However, plans are in the works for a future CD (they have more than enough material written), and possibly some future live shows as well.

Two songs from this CD ("The Right Thing To Do” and “Make It Up To You”) are in the Windows role-playing game (RPG) “Shady O’Grady’s Rising Star” by Gilligames.


The Right Thing To Do

Written By: Alan Collins

Goodbye baby
I won’t be back this way for quite a while
Don’t go cryin’
I wanna remember your face with a happy smile
And we can dream together for one last time
And maybe we can leave all our blues behind
Cause you know I’m gonna miss ya
And I’m tryin’ to convince myself
That leaving here’s the right thing to do

Thoughts are strayin’
Back to a time when things would work out fine
You know, we were satisfied
What was yours was yours and what was mine was mine
And I will kiss you softly if you want me to
Just to remind you that I still love you
Cause you know I’m gonna miss ya
And I’m tryin’ to convince myself
That leaving here’s the right thing to do

Goodbye baby
I just can’t seem to bring those words to mind
Thoughts of leavin’,
But maybe someday we will both find
That it was somehow worth it all in the end
But I get this feelin’ of doubt every now and then
Cause you know I’m gonna miss ya
But maybe someday we’ll both see
That leaving here’s the right thing to do

Last To Say Goodbye

Written By: Scott Swan

Words comin' down like the pouring rain
Days grow so long in a sad refrain
Memories come and go through a broken window pane
Pass through the door, I see

That words can never replace the memories my heart steals
And days only grow long if the heart goes unseen
Time, time is a thief who robs me of my dreams
But the heart, the heart is the last to say goodbye

Eyes lookin' back to a long ago
Heart's reachin' out for someone to hold
Scenes of the past in a distant picture show
Pass through the door, I know

That arms can never reclaim the memories my heart steals
And eyes can never reveal if the heart goes unseen
Time, time is a thief who robs me of my dreams
But the heart, the heart is the last to say goodbye

Make It Up To You

Written By: Alan Collins

Girl, you know that things have been so tough for me so long
There were times I didn’t think I’d make it through
Now looking back I realize I wasn’t really all that strong
And I laid the burden all on you
And I know your weary
Of all these changes I’ve put you through
Yeah, life with me ain’t been no picnic
But girl, I promise you

Ah, the worst of it all is over
Soon the sun will come shining through
I’m under a four-leaf clover
I’m gonna make it up to you

Yeah I know it hasn’t been easy that for you, girl
Waiting for me to come around
But after being down so long, you know I finally feel
Like I’ve got my feet back on the ground

I believe the storm is over
The clouds are starting to clear
Although it seemed to take forever
To get from there to here

Repeat chorus

Yeah, I can feel my luck a-changin’
There’ll be time for rearrangin’
All these special things we hold on to
And when you’ve finally found
That I have come around
I hope that you will see how much you’ve meant to me
And how much I still love you

So let’s take each day as it comes and carry on the best we can
You know each one gets just a little brighter
Before you know it we’ll be right back where we began
So let’s hang on just a little tighter

Repeat chorus twice

Good Intentions

Written By: Scott Swan

All my good intentions
All my best laid plans
For all of your affection for me
All my thoughtful reasons
All my hurried schemes
Come down to your affection for me

Used to be that I could feel your heart
In my soul
Full moon reflected in your eyes
Used to think that time was on my side
Now I know
The waning moon was just on the other side

Repeat chorus

The time has come for us to say goodbye
So so long
I see the moon returning to your smile
But when you think that time is on your side
Just know
A waning moon is just on the other side

Repeat chorus

Comfort Me

Written By: Jonathon Swan

Baby try to comfort me
In a time when people walk along
The beach down by the sea
Clam shells walkin' & talkin'
to the sand beneath your feet
Won't it be the kind we can find out tonight

Baby walkin' out my door
Won't you come and try to comfort me
In an age when people say
There is no need to pray he's come
Today will be the day
When we will find all that we have lost

Take your time
It's time to make our own time
Just let it come to us

Baby, walkin' on air
Bring down the walls that brought us here tonight
Comes down to the moon
Won't you bring your spoon to catch those memories
Strewn all across the floor
Let's try to find some so we can make some more

Baby, can you be my cure
To the way that people talk on down the street
Please come see us
Let's go and show them what we're made of

Baby, can you get the door
It's the people who have come to say that we are
Poor in the ways of money
Just let them know that i've got you, honey

Repeat chorus


Written By: Alan Collins

When I saw you last night
I longed to hold your hand
Now I’ve got something to tell you
And I hope you’ll understand
I know it was over months ago
But when I get close to you
I get this feeling and I wonder
Do you still feel it too?

I don’t want to take your freedom
You know I’d rather end up dead
But I’d still like to get to know you better
Can’t get you out of my head
It’s been this way for quite a while
I didn’t know how to express
The way I feel about you, babe
I was just plain scared, I guess

The times we laughed together at night
And what about the times I held you tight?
Well, I’ve still got these memories trapped way deep inside
And still you know the feeling hasn’t died

Remember the times we’d sneak away so we could be alone?
How I wished those nights could go on forever but you had to get back home
I should have know you were too young to fall in love with me
But I still wish that things could be the way they used to be

Repeat chorus

I tried to go on living
Without you day to day
Until I finally realized
I can’t go on this way
And I want you know no matter what
I’ll love you till the end
So if you and I can’t be lovers
Can we at least be friends?

Repeat chorus

Pictures Of You

Written By: Alan Collins & Scott Swan

Looking in your eyes I see what it’s like
Your eyes are like windows to look through the night
I laugh at the good times we’ve been through
But all that I have are these pictures of you

Seeing the sunlight shine in your hair
I think of your beauty and wish I were there
Remembering the things that we used to do
But all I have left are these memories of you

Who was to blame?
Was it you or me?
I guess it really doesn’t matter anyway
I’m not the same
And I won’t be
Till you come back to me baby
I’m still praying for that day

I cry on my pillow in bed every night
I dream of your sweet lips then turn out the light
Only to think of these paintings I drew
And wish they were more than pictures of you

Sail Away

Written By: Alan Collins & Scott Swan

My ship is sailing now
I’m seeing you for the last time
It’s gonna take some time
Getting you off my mind
I’m just a drifter on the sea
Climb aboard and sail away to another day
Where you’re sweet love will set me free

I’m gonna love you anyway
I swear by the stars that light my way
And when we both feel the same
I can stop this foolish game
And no matter what you say
I’m gonna love you (love you) anyway

My mind is clearer now
But I still don’t just what to do
My lot is surely hard
Without your love to see me through
A lonely drifter on the sea
Climb aboard and sail away to another day
Where you’re sweet love will set me free

I’m gonna love you anyway
I swear by the stars that light my way
I’m gonna love you every day
And even though you’ve gone away
I’m gonna love you all the time
Never take you off my mind

It seems so hopeless now
Just can’t believe that it’s too late
Never felt such emptiness
I may as well accept my fate –
Always a drifter on the sea
Climb aboard and sail away to another day
Where you’re sweet love will set me free

I’m gonna love you anyway
I swear by the stars that light my way
And when we both feel the same
I can stop this foolish game
I’m gonna love you every day
And even though you’ve gone away
I’m gonna love you all the time
Never take you off my mind
And no matter what you say
I’m gonna love you (love you) anyway


Written By: Alan Collins

Don’t know where I’m going
I’ll tell you where I’ve been
I’ve been searching for stardust
Since I don’t know when

Thought I’d tell you I see you in every falling star
Thought I’d tell you I need you no matter where you are
Cause these sunny days won’t last forever
And I know that time can change the weather
Been so long since we’ve been together, you know

Sweet days of summer
Riding on the wind
Bring it back to the waters
Start all over again

Repeat chorus twice

Something Inside

Written By: Alan Collins

As I sit staring alone outside my window
I reminisce 'bout the way things used to be
Yes, I remember you were so lost and lonely
I came to you to try and help you see

Looking back to a time we were together
There was no mountain too high for us to climb
Can you hear me? I am so lost and lonely
Please come on home. Look what you’ve done to me

Now something inside of me is dying
Something in the way you looked at me
I tried to hold the tears but now I’m crying
Cause I know I’ll love you for eternity

Wasting time, thinking about the days gone by
Living in the past is far too hard to bear
Can you hear me? I need you here beside me
To hold, to love, to let you know how much I care

Now something inside of me is dying
I hoped to find you waiting there for me
If I can’t get you back, I’ll keep on trying
Cause I know I’ll need you for eternity


Sail Away (CD) released on 11/9/06 - includes 11 original songs plus 3 bonus tracks

"The Right Thing To Do" is featured on an Oasis Sampler CD.

"Memories" is featured on Apache Rose's Best New Bands Volume 2 compilation CD.

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Tumbledown is not on tour at this time. Please check back later.