Athens, Georgia, USA

This is a story about a cat, a mouse, his uncle and six whiskers. Tunabunny is one part vegetable chemistry one part Crambo. Tunabunny is baby, baby really like your pants. We want some, we want some! Tunabunny is little man with a gun in his hand. Tunabunny is everytime I hear you calling, I get down on my knees and pray. Tunabunny is I believe in you. Tunabunny is facing your fears. Tunabunny is vanquishing your inner demons. Outer Space is the Center of the Earth.


Tunabunny sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Their debut album walks an amphetamine path between Pere Ubu and The Raincoats. Three girls, one guy, and a synthesizer sitting on a carpet covered in paint and the sprawled out works of Julio Cortazar, Tunabunny has fallen down the rabbit hole and is begging you to follow, even as they doubt your own existence.

Inspired by such cult artists as The Beatles and Norah Jones, Tunabunny’s debut album, Tunabunny, is already the clear favorite to bring home dozens of grammy award nominations and to be the ridicule of blogs all over the southeast. M.I.A. is already questioning their authenticity. Neil Diamond doesn’t believe they’re actually from the street. Yoko Ono is going to think they’re fantastic!

Last year saw the relese of their debut recording, Outer Space is the Center of the Earth. A 19-minute one-take journery recorded live in an afterhours coffee shop. Some people scratched their heads when they heard it. Others mentioned words like ‘Sun Ra’ and ‘Abba’, became obsessed and listened to it over and over again. Most people ignored it.

Growing up in Athens, Georgia surrounded by a surplus of instruments and boredom, Tunabunny set out to remind people that pop/rock music shouldn’t be about technical ability or social networking. They’re wrong of course. Pop/rock music in the 21st century is a played-out corpse picked over by overprivileged boys and girls hoping to manufacture a personality for themselves out of something that other people think is cool. That is why Tunabunny thinks of pop/rock as something that should be destroyed, or at the very least subverted, but would probably be better for everyone involved if it simply ceased to exist. The members of Tunabunny are interested in revolution, which, contrary to popular thought, ceased to exist in the pop/rock world a long time ago, even as a latent impulse. As such, Tunabunny wonders just what it is doing here, and what exactly it hopes to accomplish.

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2009 - Tunabunny / Hulaboy - Split "12"
2010 - Tunabunny LP