Tunde Olaniran

Tunde Olaniran

 Flint, Michigan, USA

The fictional lovechild of Prince, Kanye, and Kraftwerk, Tunde Olaniran crafts hyper-modern pop music that will make you laugh, cry, and flail about like nobody's business.


Born in Flint, Michigan, one of America’s most dangerous cities, Tunde Olaniran is a cultural warrior with a 4-octave range and a penchant for dirty synths. Combining a magnetic presence, lyrical dexterity, genre-devouring style, and a glam-rock, DIY performance aesthetic, he’s toured the world, making believers out of Detroit metal-heads and Croatian ravers alike with a sound that defies convention.

As a child of an American socialist mother and Nigerian Christian immigrant father, Tunde Olaniran has been instilled with the infusion of culture, consciousness, and rhythm since birth. Growing up, he lived in Germany, Nigeria, and England before settling in Flint, MI for his late adolescence where he was exposed to urban, folk, and soul influences of the small, humble city as well as a strong jazz influence on his mom's behalf. With the mixture of the eclectic music surrounding him and the discovery of his budding talent, he was prompted in 2003 to submit an audition videotape to the first annual Chicago Idol competition. From over 1,500 contestants, the young crooner made it to the final 15, receiving props from a then-unknown Kanye West, and sharing the stage with R. Kelly and Syleena Johnson. It was then that Tunde got a taste for what he would begin to pursue.

In the winter of 2008, Tunde collaborated with Berlin duo Chris De Luca Vs. Phon.o for their album Supercontinental, writing and performing three tracks. He then toured Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia), sharing the stage with acts like Robyn, Switch, Ebony Bones, Diplo, XXXChange, and Jahcoozi.

Along with performing overseas, Tunde's records “I'm So Trill” and “Superconfidential” receive airplay on international radio stations such as Radio 1, Radio Fritz, Jam FM, Motor FM, and FM4. In the States, his songs "Champion" and "I Got It" receive regular airplay on WKUF-LP 94.3 Kettering Radio. In 2010, Tunde Olaniran's song with CLP and White Gold Princess, "Insatiable," received placement in the highly publicized new film "Just Wright," featuring Common and Academy Award nominees Queen Latifah and Paula Patton.

Through all of these accomplishments, word has slowly spread virally about the upstart vocalist, catching the attention of MTV Iggy, who dubbed Tunde a "Pop Futurist" and named him as one of their "Bands We Like" as well as "Artist of the Week." Videos featuring Tunde have garnered over to 100K views on youtube and vimeo.

His current endeavor is an upcoming EP, "The Second Transgression." The current single, "Brown Boy," has caught the attention of The Roots' new project, OkayAfrica, which reached out to premiere Tunde's next video. Tunde is ready to show the world his energetic, mesmerizing ,live stage show. Original in every way from the look, the style, the sound, and even down to the name, Tunde Olaniran is an artist you won't soon forget.


Back for Seconds (12/07/05)
Infinite Modulation (11/02/06)
Eros (10/18/08)
Supercontinental (11/01/08)*
Strictly Confidential (11/23/09)*
Sunglasses EP (07/16/10)*
The Guilty Industry EP (01/28/11)
Refinanced (02/11/11)
Cobra [Single] (02/15/11)
The First Transgression (07/15/11)
Leave A Light On from the album Black Boulder (05/18/2012)*
What I Say [Single](10/09/12)

*enjoys terrestrial radio play in Germany, UK, France, Netherlands

Set List

Tunde has enough original material to fill 2 hours

Possible Covers:
Like a Virgin
R U that Somebody
Get Along with You
Heads Will Roll
Push it
When Doves Cry
Sweet Dreams