Tunde Oye

Tunde Oye

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandWorldAdult Contemporary

A soulful blend of world, urban/r+b, and pop rythms, layered with catchy insightful vocals. The rythms will capture you, while the lyrics take you back to the past, meet you where you are presently, and inspire you to the future.


I have always had a burning desire to spread love and hope through my music,but for the longest time I treated my talent with fear. That was until I underwent a life changing growth that brought about a full appreciation of the talent with which I have been entrusted.
My music is world/adult contemporary,and my biggest influences are the talented and beautiful souls of Bob Marley,Seal,Sting,Dave Matthews,Fela,Sade,Collective Soul...to name a few.
I am driven by a passion for the spread of human love,and a deeper appreciation of life and it's diversity.
"Where are you going", my 2008 release,is an introduction to this passion. "Journey to the self",my current project,is what happens when we grow and acquire a deeper understanding of love,and what it means when they say it's a verb.


I released"Where are you going", a 14 song LP in 2008. I am just about done with "Journey to the self"...my new album,which will be released later this year. Save earth,Get it together,and Journey to the self are three of the songs on the new album.

Set List

Our set list varies,and we rarely do covers. Our sets are usually about an hour,and it's usually just one or two.