tuner are a dublin four peice with a brilliant and energetic live show with heavy rift driven a anthems,sing allong chorus's and a monster sound,a definate to go see anytime,anywhere. tuner are comming.......


tuner's influences are the chilli's/muse/U2/oasis/ metalica/greenday/pink/bruce springsteen and more.......
tuner's main focus is on there live act so they are musically and performance wise a great live band and with equal effort focused on the songs your not looking at a bunch of muppet's bounding out C for 5minutes and calling it a song.
tuner are currently working ontheir ep/single.

Set List

Our typical set is...

No more room for love,
wonderful tradgedy,
falling from grace,
the g song,
endless days,
standing tall,
the girl.

and for cover's we normally trow in

when you were young - the killer's
shipping off to boston - dropkick murphy's