The Tunesmiths

The Tunesmiths

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

We are true, original rock n' roll band trying to make waves here in Louisville. Our focus is creative songwriting while relentlessly honing our live performances. We are a group of level headed, responsible men. We have no aspirations to tour the world, but instead to grow as a band in the town that has embraced us.


"Originally formed in 2007, and recently revived in the summer of 2010, The Tunesmiths are one of Louisville's fastest growing bands. These four craftsmen have made a name for themselves with high energy performances and creating unforgettable music at an incredible pace. Their genre-bending, timeless material combines the raw energy and power of rock n’ roll guitar, the smooth vocals of R&B, and the catchy rhythms of Soul. This group is a “must see” for music-goer looking for a great show and inventive music. The Tunesmiths remind us that true musicians and songwriters are still making waves in the independent music world, and you can find them right here in Louisville."


"Your Beloved Tunesmiths EP"- Released 10/10/2010

Featured on "WFPK Live Vol. 5"