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"Solid headliner"

Tungsten Coil took to the stage with the house lights down and then proceeded to light up the stage with their own blend of Electro-Rock. Bringing in a solid crowd of enthusiastic friends, family, and passer-by's they held the crowd for their entire set and proved that their brand of music has what it takes to put bodies in the room and be a solid headliner in an over-saturated Austin music market. With great stage presence and crowd interaction as well as their own lighting arrangements, this made for a great evening for all involved. - Heath Macintosh - Owner: Red Eyed Fly

"Truly professional"

Tungsten Coil is a truly unique band. I have had the pleasure of booking these guys and I must say, they put on one hell of a great show. Their unique blend of industrial sound, mixed with pop sensibilities and a hard edge, really allows this band to stand out from the rest. Their performance gets the crowd's attention and their stage presence is right up there with many touring acts. A truly professional and extremely tight band. - Mike Boudreau - Raw Deal Productions

"...and Tungsten Coil came on stage."

Fog, lots of it, poured off into the crowd, and a light show started as the lead singer came out on stage with arms spread. Then they started playing, and it all fell in together, the vocals, the instruments, the lights and the fog, just an absolute force from the stage that would.be.heard...the way the performance crashed over me and through me was precisely what I'd been needing all week - a pure catharsis of sound and light and attitude. It didn't hurt that they did a hella cover of Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" - you do tribute to the songs that define my history, I'm gonna cheer for your future, it's just my nature. And while it was all what I would consider a very hard and gutsy set, it wasn't all just fast or noisy. There were definite and strong moods within the set, and Eric did a great job of setting up what was coming, connecting with the audience, talking to us, bringing us in to their dark ride. And come on, how can you NOT love a show that has the guy on keyboards come up front and center on a keytar and rock out like Dimitri did not once, but multiple times?

I have no idea how long their set lasted...time sort of stopped and I was lost in the performance, caught up by the artists, surrendered to the sound. I really like that I came away singing the praises of not just the musicians, but the whole performance - the stage presence, the set design (the TC banner in the back that lit up was kick ass, along with the additional lights they had on stage with them and other touches) - that kind of attention to detail really makes or breaks a live concert which in my little highly digital world makes or breaks a band for me, too.

This is what live music is about though, for me, bands who don't just sing at you, they draw you in, pull you under. I am so incredibly glad I didn't let a little thing like lack of sleep keep me home that night, I'd have missed out on some of the best damn music I've listened to in a while, and an incredible piece of performance. Check their schedule and see if they'll be in your area anytime soon. If it's anything like the one I got, it's a show you don't want to miss. - Sammi - Adzuki Bean Stash

"Cover Story"

What drew me to Tungsten Coil in the beginning was my interest in seeing some of the bands in town who have been branded industrial.” After visiting Elysium and a few other clubs, I had seen a few bands, and enjoyed them, but nothing really excited me too much. Just another band in town with a different sound, doing what they can to be heard.

I had picked up their 2003 release Reactive and was intrigued, but heard they had gone through a line-up change, so I really couldn’t base my opinion of them off an album where the lead vocalist, Eric Oberto, was the only current member. Then Tungsten Coil was invited to play an INsite Night at The Parish Room in late 2007. Nothing could have prepared me for the full-tilt stage show they put on. They had it all, the clothes, lights, fog, and a sweet keytar! I knew they had something… and it wasn’t long before the Austin Music Awards agreed with me. They were tapped as the Best Industrial Band in Austin this past March.

Fox 7’s Morning Show, “Good Day Austin” seems to have agreed as well. The band had played a couple of times on the show, and after their most recent appearance, they worked up a deal with anchorman Joe Bickett to have him jump up on stage and play guitar with them on their next gig, which happens to be the release show for their latest CD, Alpha & Omega. - Sean Claes - INsite Magazine


The Tungsten Coil show was so freaking awesome!! I got to the show while the band was still setting up. Prior to me arriving I left Eric a voicemail to let him know I was coming. I anticipated some guys that were maybe not as cool as they seemed. Boy was I wrong, they were very gracious, Dimitri was such a sweetie and Eric's presence was cosmic. The performance was very engaging with bad ass drum skills and vocals that put my favorite band to shame. I'm not going to say the bands name, because I must stay loyal. If you're ever in Austin, look them up and definitely check out the show! - DJ Scorpia - UNURadio


Alpha & Omega EP (2008) [ASCAP]
Time/Light Demo (2007)

"Time" & "Prey To Me" - internet and broadcast radio airplay
"Prey To Me" - multiple CD compliations



2007/08 "Best Industrial Band" award winner

"A Musical Revolution"

The Music of Tungsten Coil is a mix of modern electronic/industrial music combined with the more dynamic and emotional sounds of a traditional driving rock band. These styles are melded together to create an eclectic sound that feeds the listeners craving for something different. Tungsten Coil also brings back what has been missing from the live performances of today's music: A spectacular "Rock Show" - lights, fog, visuals and all the things that make a live performance memorable.

The members of Tungsten Coil are as hard working as the element itself, applying their energy towards their attention to detail among the music, the art, the show, and promotions. Tungsten Coil's diverse, yet addictive, music, along with their intense and high energy stage shows, have contributed to their immediate success. The fast-building buzz in Austin helped land them their first SXSW showcase only 5 months after their first show. The band also took 4th place as "Best Industrial Band" in the 2007 Austin Music Awards, with votes due only 3 months after their debut. They won the 2008 Awards.

The release party for their new CD Alpha & Omega was to a packed dance floor in their hometown of Austin, TX, with cover-page support from the local entertainment magazine INsite, and collaboration with local Fox News.

Their songs "Time" and "Prey To Me" have been getting frequent radio play, and the latter has also been featured on numerous compilations. For listeners that are hungry for something fresh and unique...Tungsten Coil delivers!