Tungsten Coil

Tungsten Coil


Dark, bright, hard, and sexy. Tungsten Coil combines rock and industrial into a new sound and stage show that is accessible, powerful, and enjoyable by many from all musical interests. ***Winner 2007/08 Austin Music Awards***


2007/08 "Best Industrial Band" award winner

"A Musical Revolution"

The Music of Tungsten Coil is a mix of modern electronic/industrial music combined with the more dynamic and emotional sounds of a traditional driving rock band. These styles are melded together to create an eclectic sound that feeds the listeners craving for something different. Tungsten Coil also brings back what has been missing from the live performances of today's music: A spectacular "Rock Show" - lights, fog, visuals and all the things that make a live performance memorable.

The members of Tungsten Coil are as hard working as the element itself, applying their energy towards their attention to detail among the music, the art, the show, and promotions. Tungsten Coil's diverse, yet addictive, music, along with their intense and high energy stage shows, have contributed to their immediate success. The fast-building buzz in Austin helped land them their first SXSW showcase only 5 months after their first show. The band also took 4th place as "Best Industrial Band" in the 2007 Austin Music Awards, with votes due only 3 months after their debut. They won the 2008 Awards.

The release party for their new CD Alpha & Omega was to a packed dance floor in their hometown of Austin, TX, with cover-page support from the local entertainment magazine INsite, and collaboration with local Fox News.

Their songs "Time" and "Prey To Me" have been getting frequent radio play, and the latter has also been featured on numerous compilations. For listeners that are hungry for something fresh and unique...Tungsten Coil delivers!


Prey To Me

Written By: Tungsten Coil

See you wanna be, my lover
Known you want it deep inside you
Give yourself to me, surrender
Feel it in your soul, and now you're begging me
See you wanna be, my lover
Can you take it hard? Bleed for me
Can you prove to me? That you deserve this
Down on your knees, prey too me

Do you wanna be?

I'm gonna lay you down
I'm gonna turn you inside-out
Gonna make you scream, my name
You'll never be the same


Written By: Tungsten Coil

Well I feel down deep inside
Your frozen dreams go by
Your broken wings can't fly
Wake up please before you die

So what you want, what you wanna be
What you want, want, want
What you wanna be

I can see it on your face, you can't hide
Try to turn it on erase, it won't slide

I see right through your lies
Your sinful, vain disguise
Those painful tears in your eyes
Wake up please before you die

Time tick away, tick away, tick away


Alpha & Omega EP (2008) [ASCAP]
Time/Light Demo (2007)

"Time" & "Prey To Me" - internet and broadcast radio airplay
"Prey To Me" - multiple CD compliations

Set List

Prey To Me, Dirty Sex, I Feel You (by Depeche Mode), The Light, Dust, Time = VERY strong and rocking 35 minute showcase set.

Headlining set includes above songs plus unrecorded dance songs, rock ballads, and unforgiving-electronic