Tunnel Motor

Tunnel Motor


Tunnel Motor starve their songs to a trim lo-fi rock 'n roll fighting weight ranging from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Occassionally, with protest, a bloated 3 minute song creeps in. Club it with a Telecaster and it's back to business. Get in, get out, have a drink, call it a day.


- Hooker and Wilson immigrated to Brooklyn, NY from Manhattan and Northwest NJ, respectively.

- Hooker prefers Alex Chilton solo records to Big Star.

- Wilson will defend (to the death) The Boss' 70s and early 80s output.

- They both agree on the merits of You Am I, Guided By Voices, Marah and the Wrens' live show.

- Paul Westerberg's basement albums are their blueprint for "music production."

- At various times, freelance bassists and drummers have been employed.

- T. Gast and JR have played electric bass guitar for the group at one time or another.

- Shashi "played" the drums from the Fall of 2004 until his mysterious disappearance in the Spring of 2006.

- Tunnel Motor's second LP, "With Fins," was released in April of 2006. It follows "So What," a tour only release in 2005.

- Hooker and Wilson are currently working on what may or may not become the third Tunnel Motor LP.

- Tunnel Motor have played live shows in nearly 50% of New York City's boroughs.


- With Fins (80H) - 2006
- So What (self released) - 2005

- Peel Out (80H) - 2005
- Live at Paul's Mall (80H) - 2004

- Northern Rope (80H) - 2004
- Cresson/Altoona (80H) - 2004

Set List

35-45 minutes consisting of roughly 15 songs and several moments of semi-unwitty stage banter. May also include a cover or two.