Tunnels: Percy Jones, who has only Jaco Pastorius for comparison in his work on the fretless bass; Marc Wagnon, who utilizes an electronic vibraphone triggering synthesizers in an infinite palette of sounds; and Walker Adams, a promising young drummer who is making his own name in the music world.


This New York-based trio is driven by renowned bassist Percy Jones and vibraphone/percussionist Marc Wagnon. Combining their equally impressive artistic backgrounds, Jones and Wagnon transport the fusion of jazz and rock to another dimension-- creating imaginative soundscapes that awaken the senses.
Tunnels has their own musical vision, yet two groups that demonstrate the artistry and force that drives this trio's music would be the days of King Crimson's 21st Century Schizold Man, and the heyday of John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra. The band is rounded out by powerhouse young drummer Walker Adams, a recent graduate of the Berklee School. This pioneers-meet-inspired youth combination creates timeless instrumental music that moves the listener beyond conventional boundaries.


The band has made five cds, which are distributed in stores and digitally world-wide. Streaming available through http://buckyballmusic.com and http://www.jukeboxalive.com and all have had tracks that have had radio airplay on college stations and XM Radio. All cds released on Buckyball Records: BR002- Tunnels w/Percy Jones; BR005- Painted Rock; BR009- Progressivity; BR012- Tunnels Live: The Art of Living Dangerously; and BR018- Natural Selection.
All releases are on Buckyball Records. Videos of Tunnels can be found at

Set List

All original instrumental songs.
The Syzigy Incident; Soliton; The 11th Hour; Devil's Staircase; The Hidden Dimension; Inseminator; Wall to Wall Sunshine.
Sets are normally 45 minutes to an hour, usually one show, or two shows, 45-50 min. each.