Tunnels To Holland

Tunnels To Holland


A new breed of the rock n' roll animal, Tunnels To Holland embrace such diverse influences as Black Sabbath, Strokes, Pixies and Neil Young. The New Jersey based quintet explores the realm of rock song craftsmanship, incorporating a groove-orientated foundation atop crisp and poignant melodies.


With its working class roots in central New Jersey, Tunnels to Holland has been burrowing its way into the New York underground, assaulting audiences with their retro-infused, post punk style for over three years. The band’s early days were spent writing and performing in local clubs, creating the framework for what was to become the definitive and eclectic Tunnels to Holland sound.

The pinpoint rhythm section of drummer Anthony Mascolo and bassist Bryan Flaherty build the rock solid foundation while guitarist Vincent Mascolo explores the endless realm of melody with his haunting lead playing. The band is fronted by lead singer Dan Blumig whose ferocious and elegant vocal talents set the band apart from the pack and help create one of the most powerful and innovative sounds to be heard in rock n’ roll in recent years. Last, but not least, the recent addition of Matt McCort on rhythm guitar has added new depth, dimension, and definition to the sonic structure of Tunnels To Holland.

Fall of 2007 will be the first time the world will get to experience the explosive Tunnels to Holland debut EP. Produced by founding member and former drummer of Ministry, Stephen George, the CD will be released on "Gimme That Sound Records," the brand new independent label headed by George, who, upon first listening of the band via a low-fi demo recording, was immediatley hooked. George's richly layered recordings create the perfect compliment for the contagious and original Tunnels to Holland sound.

The band's live performance brings the recorded songs to new heights. Tunnels to Holland consistently leave audiences stunned, integrating their novel approach to song writing with a dynamic and unrelenting presentation.


"Sweatshop Lover EP" Release Date, Fall of 2007

Set List

Way that it stays
N train
Around the holidays
Hot rod
Sunday afternoon
Yeah ok
Shouting off a balcony at the destruction of turtle island
Seventeen times
By your bed
Esta alla
Falling to enjoy

We usually play a forty-five minute set,
but we have enough material to play over an hour if needed.