The Seattle band Tupelo is an all-original act whose sound could best described as Modern Country with an "Americana" edge. Combining elements of heart-felt classic country, rock and blues, the band features lush harmonies and expresssive guitar work accented with pedal steel. www.tupelomusicband.co


While Seattle is not usually considered a mecca of country music, it is indeed the home of Tupelo, who have become a local favorite. With a foundation built upon strong song-writing, the band's classic country rock sound is enhanced with lush harmonies, honkey-tonk piano, harmonica, and strong dose of blues rock guitar. It is this unique combination which gives the band it's signature sound. While the members of Tupelo have been together for three years, it was in 2008 that the orginal sound came together and began to catch fire with local audiences. Key influences would include the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Emmy Lou Harris, and Asleep at the Wheel. The band has recently completed it's debut CD "Leavin' Paradise" which was released in June 2009.


CD "Leavin' Pardise" (released June 2009)

Set List

The band's typical show consists of 16 original songs and runs about an hour and a half.
The songs included in the show include:
Leavin' Paradise
Never Said Goodbye
I Ain't Finished Yet
Ride to Live
A Fingertip Away
Chain of Lovers
Burnin Up
Family Matters
Class Reunion
Anything or Any Price
Max's Shuffle