Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey


Tupelo Honey is a unique folk rock band in the veins of Patty Griffin and the Indigo Girls. Full of harmonies, their eclectic blend of different types of music gives them a style that is all it's own.


Aunt Tupelo
CityBeat 05/2007

Capturing the barebones, lilting essence of Folk music couldn't have been an easy task for two suburban-born, Pop Rock-bred college girls. But Katie Wefer and Heather Turner, whose natural musicality had no plans to sit idly by, started with what they already had going for them -- two equally impressive sets of pipes, twin only in their matching emotive power. They went from there, adding violin, bongos and a rock-steady rhythm section. The product -- as bold and braless as it is shy and simple -- became a set of sweepingly organic stingers that rake in the stripped-down seriousness of Indigo Girls, Gillian Welsh's subtle masculinity and the sheer fun of Country darlings, the Dixie Chicks.

"Ian's Song" is the undeniable stand-out with loosely staggered, impeccably simple acoustic melodies and the kind of nuanced and empathetic vocal harmonies that, when emitted for the first time, cause two singers to stare in wide-eyed awe at one another, mildly unsettled at the prospect of such an effective combined effort. Perfect synchronization doesn't come without practice, though, as is clear in "Devuelve Mi Corazon," sung in fluent though clearly secondary Spanish. The track is one of surprisingly few youthful hiccups on a masterfully produced first effort -- and any concerns are immediately dispelled by the gorgeous "Believe Me Now," a heady come-to-Jesus ode that shows much wiser tones with darkly prophetic, Fleetwood Mac-esque violin/vocal pairings.

Soul-soothing Girl-Folk sets common themes of heartache and yearning against a backdrop of plucky thumbs-in-her-belt-loops sanity, a formula that abounds in "Leave Me Tonight," sweetly urging that universal and ubiquitous "him" to "Remember your woman will be just fine." Indeed. (Hannah Roberts)


Believe me Now

Written By: Heather Turner, Katie Wefer

Signed a note while you were sleeping
Didn't believe that I'd be gone
Kissed your head while you were dreaming
This will be where we belong

We made love for the last time
Only words our eyes can say
You always never tried to love me
I'm sorry but I cannot stay

Believe me now
You will show yourself somehow
Just take a peice of me
Until you learn to let love free
Believe me now

Suitcase as my companion
I travel down this lonely road
Just a broken heart you pass by
That keeps healing as I go

Believe me now
Fueled by fear and desire
To be complete I must let go



Written By: Tupelo Honey

As She Sits by the Window and Stares,
Candle Burning Slow
She closes her eyes not knowing her fate
Or where she will go
Resentment flowing through her veins
She should have known he's take a bite

Temptation left a scar on her heart
Temptation lying alone in the dark

Will she ever be able
To feel alive again
Will She ever be able
To find the strength
To walk around him


Now solace will flow through her veins
She'd always known


05/2007 EP- "Sweet"
Octoberfest 2007
MidPoint Music Fest 2007
Nominated for a CEA award 2007
CEA Award Winners 2007 Folk-Americana

Set List

Just Enough
Leave me Tonight
Devuelva mi corazon
One More Girl
Ian's Song
Bobby McGee
For What It's Worth
I'm Ready
Son of A Preacher Man
Believe Me Now
Mercedez Benz
Latin Lover
Be Happy
Me and Captain
Darkest Day
and many more...........