Tupiniquin - from the English Oxford dictionary means simply: a Brazilian. MADE IN SÃO PAULO, his debut album dares sharing a diverse array of sounds.In it, just like in São Paulo itself one can hear rock, afro-samba canção,bossa beats and the sounds of the "Tropicalistas".


Like different races and tastes, colors and textures
present in his city, Tupiniquin portrait the universal
appeal of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) via live
arrangements carrying strong synergy with pop
music out of England/USA today, combine with a
unique and mature songwriter’s statements on
contemporary Brazil or shall we say São Paulo!

Sounds and live arrangements come courtesy of an
array of brilliant musicians behind other Brazilian
International artists such as Curumin, Cidadão
instigado, Nação Zumbi, Céu and Otto also
featuring Tita Lima and Karine Buhr.

Vogue Magazine July | 08

From the innovators that looked for inspiration in
the lyrics of Vinícius de Moraes other insertions
emanated, with disconcerting beats from Mutantes
(Tropicália era), the free ruffle rhythms of Chico Science and, even tough he turns his nose up, a little seasoning of Pop via experimentalism.

“I am a roots composer, in the head of a pop
producer”, Tupiniquin admits. Here is the link that brings Bossa to our ears. He is not “João”, he is Jorge, he is not “Gilberto”, he is Tupiniquin in constant affirmation that the "new" always comes.
Finally, Elis Regina was right.

FTFO – for the fans of: Celso Fonseca, Curumin,
Céu, Beck, Titã Lima, The Strokes, Vinicius de Moraes, Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Tom Jobim, Jorge Ben, Raul Seixas, Cidadão Instigado,
Tracy Chapman, Wally Salomão, The Beatles, Otto, Naçao Zumbi, Suba, Cibelle Cavalli, Bebel Gilberto...


Made In São Paulo / Curve Music - 2008

Set List

1. O Vaso e a Rosa
2. Já Imaginou?
3. João do Caminhão
4. Incenso
5. Malandrops
6. Não era Noite de Carnaval
7. Papo com Zeus
8. Balela
9. Tão Doce é o Veneno feat. Tita Lima
10. Mandinga feat. Karina Buhr
11. Psycodelic Love
12. Consulado Afrolounge